XBOX BAN I, NEED decent hunters or i give up? sick of stupid people


So when i play i always play my role and try and do it well, if i am playing assault, i will get the crap medic who doesn’t heal and runs in and dies, if i play medic, i will get the crap trapper or the really bad assault who stand at the back doing pretty much no dps…if i play trapper and get the monster trapped, my team are never there to back me up and i go down shortly after the dome goes up, and if i play support, all of the above

Are there any like-minded hunters out there who just wanto play to win? who get pissed off when your assualt dies to the wildlife 300 meters away from the team?
Or when your medic thinks they are the assault and runs into the monster head on and dies first !
That moment when your trapper has half an hour to throw the dome but decides it would be a good idea to wait until the monster spots you and throws it far too late
Or do we simply love it when we are engaged in a decent battle and have the monster on low health, hes done for, but we all die… and support decides not to cloak and to instead, take the monster 1 on 1 and die 5 seconds before drop ship arrival, the list goes on but i tried not to come here to rant,
I started with a very good group on evolve but at the moment 2 of them have just had kids and the other guy i played with was reset his rank and now doesn’t play, im sick of people just being stupid in general now thats why i play alot of monster

My xbox GAMERTAG on xbox one is… Colin Niven 08 << add me if you wanna play hunter. i play any role although i’m best as assault or medic , my communications are banned because of the messages ive been sending these crap players they reported me so i cant join parties or send messages at the moment.
I have been playing this game sinceday 1, played the alpha and the beta, loved it and still do, just frustrating that months into its life people are still acting like noobs and sometimes we are losing to really really bad monsters aswell, that wasn’t happening when i had a decent team to play with.


:expressionless: you’re not just one of those people who send hate/harassment messages to bad players are you? Because I freaken hate it when I get my least preferred role, which I suck at, and some jackass sends me a rant/flame message about how badly I suck. I’m not accusing, it’s just that banned for sending messages to bad players part sounds a bit sketchy.


My post was for good players to add n hook up n play some evolve, and actually no, if i see that the player is a low level i invite them to play and help them, but if they are level 40 with elite lazarus and they decide its a good idea to act like they are playing assault and die first, then YES i will send them my thoughts because they just cost me the game… anyway if you wanto play evolve feel free to add me, im sure there is alot of people out there who feel my pain.


Wow. Good luck with this with a sales pitch like that. I understand having problems with PuGs that don’t communicate, but once the game ends that’s it. If you’re “sending messages to crap players” so much that your communications are banned (I had NO IDEA that was a thing on console, so congratulations) then you’re harassing people. You are one of those people that other people talk about who e-stalk them after a game if they don’t win. Nobody cares about your thoughts about costing you a game.


e-stalk? lol you spend too much time on your pc by the sounds of it, no i dont send messages to everyone just the really bad ones who ruin it for the team members who are trying, anyway i dont care about your input you are not even on xbox … and i have just played with a few guys there and kicked some ass so this post is working just fine, because there are alot of people who think like me and get annoyed and like to win, not my fault if you don’t agree with my opinion, its a free world, Also very funny you mention sales pitch, thats how i pay for my house and car and im very good at it


Lol, wow, what a winning personality you have. I would go into further detail but I don’t wanna get banned or flagged, and I’m an adult with self-control (unlike some).


Lol this pure comedy, what a poor soul…


yes an adult with self-control who felt the need to post on a topic that they had nothing to do with, you are not on console, so go away, if you are happy to lose with crap players then knock ourself out scrub, nuff said.


Rolls through topic as a Behemoth



just beat a stage 3 behemoth inside a cave on wraith trap under the landing pad, torvald ftw


lmao! 10 char


Add me now looking for a team now need a good team gamertag Detroit313goon


If communications are banned, is it safe for me to assume you can’t talk as well in game chat?


yes, unfortunately at the moment thats why i have been playing as assault, its the easiest to play without being able to speak


Must’ve been some pretty harsh words then. What, did you insult their skin color or of the sort? (rHetroical question)


i got reported of this one guy, he was playing lazarus, and he wasn’t using the device or his healing burst, in the first game so i sent him a message asking if he knew how to play laz?
he replied by sayng he did and that its my fault if i die as the assault for “getting too close to the monster” i told him that if i die damaging the monster he should pick me up with the device so that i at least do not have a penatly when i come back, he said he can play whatever way he wants, which annoyed me so i sent him a message explaining that he was whats wrong with online gaming in public matches etc, i had already been reported from a guy who got eaten by 5 plants in the space of 2 games aswell , apart from that i would not be banned


can’t find you on the xbox add me >> Colin Niven 08 i cant message you or anything just now though but invite me to a game i’l play medic you play assault if you want, message me on the console if your wanting to play dude.


Gt is VileCrib3 I play a mean trapper/medic.

Meant this for the other guy.


Me or the guy detroit.?


Detroit, but you’re welcome to add as well if you wish.