Xbox and PS4 release date speculation


Now There Is A lot of topics discussing this moment and what is going to happen but I want to say it personally in my opinion OK!!

Now I believe it will release during this fall of sept 25-Nov 30th the reason why I chose these dates personally is because it is the major release for major breaking titles Like Crackerfield 1, TittyFall 2, COCK Infinite despair, and etc.

though I believe as well that when they release parnell this week they may release the update then the next week after parnell releases though that in my Opinion is speculation…


I’m just not trying to get my hopes up and get a face full of disappointment. But it is always good to have hope right?


lets just say im done caring


They should wait until the beta is finished. That will bring lots of players in when the game is actually good(not saying it isn’t, just more work needed).

I don’t think the game will be out of beta until at least December, but with the story modes and passive abilities and multiple adaptations and various reworks, I could easily see the Beta lasting until March.

Perhaps a 2 Year Anniversary should be the goal.


Don’t get your hopes up for this year, if it comes at all it will next year some time. There is no way that it is coming to console before its out of beta.
They have not received the green light to even start the development of it for console yet. I would say find a new game to get into until you hear something else. I’m not keeping my hopes up that it makes it to console.


I’m not letting myself get hyped again, lest TRS disappoint again.


Tara specifically said that TRS are really trying to get it onto consoles. They want it on there as much as we do and they’re trying their hardest to get it up, they just need to clean up the game.


I just wish they would give us an ETA basically because they have to have a point where they want to work on some adaptations further and in between that point work on integrating it into consoles so they can release whatever on release of consoles. Maybe? Just trying to rationalize some possible reasons they could have to actually put time aside to TRY to get it on consoles. As far as I’m aware, they’re not even trying to get it on consoles atm because they want to meet specific requirements before getting in touch with Sony/Microsoft.


There is no timeline, and I’m very sure someone will post the console post.

It’s not greenlit, unfortunately, and they do want to bring it.

@Therubexcube is correct though, if you’re currently unhappy with the state of Legacy, def find a new game to pass the time.

Truth of the matter is, we shouldn’t speculate, NOT that I think it’s bad to be good and hopeful, but mostly cause it causes confusion.

Someone posted last week " I heard it’s not coming anymore"

The next couple streams that’s all some players discussed. So as good as intentions as the post is, some people ( those who choose to ignore actually reading lol) will see that and take it as holy script.

I would love for it to come in that time frame, but it’s highly unlikely, and although I’m sure this thread will get shut down, I’d like to request @Br4v0 change the topic title.

I’m only asking as if we change it to something less about the console time frame, there’s a better chance it doesn’t get shutdown, and maybe we can have a place for Legacy players to vent a little?

Your call, just trying to promote as much Legacy integration as possible, and I know that several players want a place to chat, specifically about Legacy, and can’t find a place to talk.

Maybe name it Legacy: Anonymous vent post.

Again your call, just a suggestion, and for those upset, I’m sorry and feel for you guys.
I still love Legacy, so I’m not on the total short end of the stick, but it’s affected a lot of players, and I have a ton of feels for them :frowning:


Are you sure about that? Last time I checked they said they need to meet specifics and have certain things ready to be able to push out for a big update to the PC version for one and to release it on consoles for two. Also it takes about 4-6 weeks to get all the legal stuff done once they start the process to get in on consoles. Hopefully they’ll say when that begins.


Yes and she also said they haven’t been given to green light yet to even start.


die now for that evil sentence


like what no good games come out till october


so they straight up just have to remake everything on xbox/ ps4 is what you’re saying


That’s not what he is saying at all. He said that they haven’t been given the green light to port S2 to consoles.


oh mkay that confused me



March, 2017


I get where you’re coming from, but really that’s kinda if subjective ya know?

What maybe a good game for me, may not translate well into what you’re looking for.

I have a potatoe computer, but I found 5 man co-op game called Pulsar: Lost colony, it’s early access and had terrible graphics, but it’s a fun spaceship simulator that has some Evolve like communication.

Unfortunately I can’t suggest something cause you may not like what I do :slight_smile:

I do recommend checking out indie games thoug, something like Rogue Legacy, or binding of Isaac can take up a lot of time :smiley:


I have it and have done pretty much everything that matters
but I might get attack on titan