Xbox 360 games console discontinued by Microsoft



I find it a step forward as now game companies can focus more on next gen consoles and not having to make it so that you cater to the last gen.

I mean, you know you need to upgrade when your phone has more RAM then your 360


GG Microsoft, GG


Some of my favorite games I played on that console.


i really think this is for the better as sad as it makes me.


Same, but it seems more and more are going to be added to the backwards compatibility list :slight_smile:


Sadly this was unavoidable. A couple years ago Microsoft stated the 360 would be supported until 2016, here it is. The 360 had a great run but everything comes to an end and it’s time for the next (current) gen to take center stage.


That would be cool I hope some of those games will be backwards with ps4.


It seems they are open to ideas of it bit Sony is weird so who knows?


Man they’re so many games I want remastered/ backwards compatible. I had so much fun with my 360 I recently bought a new one too and I’m gonna by all my old games again.


PS3 games will never be backwards compatible on the PS4, the architecture is just too different to do it. Though they have been talking about PS1/PS2 backwards compatibility for the PS4. So don’t throw away your old consoles just yet, not that you ever should.