Xbox 1 spazzez out sometimes! (Dashboard crash)


Sometimes when I am in game and only when I play the screen goes black and I get booted not just from the match but from the game back into the Xbox 1 UI, then I need to start the game again,

I’m just trying to understand what the issue is, It kicked me and I was (as alway when I get booted) in a good match I could win, I had strikes on 3 hunters and that was from stage 1! The boot cost me 9 hard earned points, I gained a loss in my win lose ration and dropped from 68% down to 67%, now my next few games are making up for this gap yet again.

Does anyone else have this issue or similar? I’m just curious as I wouldn’t mind fixing it if it is at all fixable, its pretty frustrating at times, right now I dont care so much but other times its very annoying, If I was losing I wouldn’t care, but only seems to happen when the going is good, Murphys law as they say I guess


Do you get a error message or code when forced back to the dashboard?


nope, usually the screen goes black you hear noise from the match and it takes a couple of seconds then your gone, this time it flickered a bit while going off


Ok, your data may be corrupt then. If you have the time uninstall and reinstall the game.


This happens to a lot of people on xbox, including myself. Some experience it more than others. Not much that can be done about it I’m afraid. I did a hard reset (hold down power button until the xbox turns off) and it seemed to lessen the frequency of the issue. It could just be a coincidence though as others have done the same and nothing changed for them. You don’t need to reinstall the game so don’t worry about that.

It’s just something we have to live with. :cry:


That sucks. I wonder what’s the cause.


I don’t have a clue. It’s like trying to find the meaning of life. :smile:

It doesn’t bother me too much though, I’ve kind of gotten used to it.


So in other words xbox sucks? lol

I won a match there, took more than 20mins as I kept killing the support too late, so had to actually kill all 4! 3 times each before I could win, So all that time and effort got me 3 points ! its given me back a third of what I lost in a disconnect, If that happened a lot I would actually just bin the xbox, Thankfully it doesnt happen very often and I usually only ever lose the 1 point, but this time it went all out,

Any ideas what causes it? does it only happen with evolve? I wouldnt know I only have Evolve lol


I’ve only had it happen with evolve so it’s kind of weird like that. I’ve noticed it happening less lately though so that’s good, right? :smile:


well improvement is always good and welcome, Its pretty weird, Its strange that there isnt any given reason for it, :confused:


You can try hard resetting your console every now and again and see how that works out. Not guaranteed to work but it worth trying. :slightly_smiling:


I had it happen once in Halo 5. I’m not sure if it’s repeatable in that game though. I haven’t played it since.


I read up a little just and people had it happen for battlefield 4. A lot of people say that hard resetting or not leaving your xbox on standby all the time stops it from happening. I hope it works to some extent.


So it’s a graphics card issue. That’s not good.


My X1 is always on standby. Hmmm.


So is mine. :smile:

I do hard reset when needed so it’s not that bad.


More than likely not. If it was graphics card related then you’d know about it straight away. :confused:


Its been a thing since release.


Why’s that? With the PS4 if a game was doing this then it was a graphics card issue. Might be different for each console then.


Wouldn’t there be graphical issues (white lines where there shouldn’t be for example) if it was the graphics card? Besides I highly doubt something that serious would be so common. :slightly_smiling: