Xbox 1 players?

Anybody on xbox1 right now ready to play hunt? I’m trying to finish all of my placement matches.

Gamer tag- Picarello

Do a search for the Xbox gamer tag thread and add some of those people that you see. Send a message along with your friend request so they know who you are.

What rank are you?

Like level wise and what’s your best character and your win loss ratio with that character


Can you also send your tax slips, employment record and letter of intent?

Would help in determining if you’re worthy of a place.


Ahahah just don’t wanna party up with noobs Ya feel

some lvl 40s still play like noobs, level means nothing


Ahh I wouldn’t say it means NOTHING… But it still goes with perks and such. Level 40 has better perks than a level 4 and who are you gonna trust more when you see a level 10 or a 40?

Hey, im looking for some hunters to play hunt with as well on Xbox1. I’m a pretty reliable teammate with over 400+ hours of game time. I prefer trapper but can fill in any other role too. I have all hunters Elite except for some of the DLC hunters. If anybody would like to party up please message me :smile:. Lets get out of silver. Oh and i have a mic aswell.

Or, OR, you could make your own topic as a means to find people rather than piggybacking on someone else’s thread.

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I’v been playing since betta and have every character maxed, I like to think I am a good player. Unlike you though I have no problem playing with unexperienced players, as long as they have a mic so I can communicate with them.
Let’s make this a better community hmm?

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I never said I have a problem. If I’m trying to win, I want to play with decent players. Every time I have seen a noob on the game with a mic, I party up with them and give them tips and how to get better. People hate on low levels that just get the game and it makes them want to quit the game. Which I why I bring them under my wing. So don’t go off randomly pre judging me bud. If I’m going to play ranked mode hunt, it’s not the time to be helping out inexperienced players.

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@Picarello Where abouts are you from? Cause I’m always up for evolve with people, it’s like one of the only games I play now but I’m in England so don’t know what the time difference would be like!

Forum nazi? I gave you a viable solution to your problem. I also made a suggestion of sending a message along with your friend request because when I get a random friend request, I don’t accept it.

Agreed, 100% I’ve helped countless new guys learn the game or play better at their respective roles by the end of a match. But in ranked, I need a good team.

Most definitely, I have one as well. But I had also suggested he check out the thread with all of the listed gamertags. You find some people, shoot them a message of who you are, and then send the friend request. Mostly because a lot of people have different forum names than online names.

Not me! :smiley:

kind of

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Add me, I play at Radom times anyway. Or I can add you, let me know

My gamertag is Billiam Speare, add me when ever man :}

Accept Better perks, and it shows they’ve at least played for awhile, but there are good lower levels