XBONE - Unlocks reset


I’ve been playing all day on XBox One. I got to rank 14, unlocked all tier 2 hunters, and then got reset back to rank 1 with no unlocks! WTF? Please help.

:monster: :angry:


Bumping 10char


I’d like to report that the Steam / PC version is working flawlessly.


Gonna sleep for a while, then more Evolve :support: Better fix this unlock glitch by the time I get back. gamertag xxWhatABuzzKillxx . I am NOT playing as Maggie or Markov again.


@MajorLeeHyper @MrStrategio chek this out


Try to be respectful and people may take the time to assist you.


This happened to me too and by what you are saying devs will not fix major issues in their game unless we are nice to them?


They look into all of these issues, just be patient. Your concerns are important to them and losing your unlocks is a problem.


I dont know it doesnt seem like it because i made over 5 threads and replied to mods numerous times for over 5 hours now maybe more and i have yet to even have a single “we hear you we are looking into it”.


I can assure you they see your posts…there’s no need to make multiples. But you also have to understand they are working very hard right now to find answers to several issues and spend more of their time working out the problems than replying back. As we get information we post back to the forums.


Also had the same problem. If I continue playing can my old progress and new progress be merged?


If you’re reposting the same problem in different threads, you’re part of the problem. With how active the Dev community has been, you think they are just going to put their tails between those legs and cower away? No.

Be patient. It’s day 2. I can’t think of a massive online game like this that hasn’t had problems in release.


We are looking into this, but to better help us figure it out, please submit a ticket to 2K support! This helps us gather data


Have some respect, they’re working hard to fix this issue. Stuff doesn’t happen on your whims. Get over it. I’m sorry you’re having an issue, but being respectful is more likely to get you helped than being an ungrateful punk.


Wow, I had no idea this community would be so toxic! Sorry that I actually have standards that don’t allow for a game-killing bug to slip past beta.


No one is being toxic.

Don’t be a buzzword sheep.

No one likes that guy.