Xbone/PS4 Charts?


With Evolve barely having 1000 players after four months on PC. Is there any word of how many people are still playing Evolve on PS4 or XBone?


Also interested in this question. Battlefield has its nice BF4stats and BFHstats which tell you the numbers on each platform.

Hopefully it remains a busy game. I never have trouble finding people.


Agreed. I play on Xbox, but I still would like to know how many players there are on each system.


Well it is certainly more than on PC.

In the last monthly leaderboards a guy said it was 50k.15k in the weekly.(xbox)


well put it this way pc only makes up like 7-10% of evolve sales soo consoles make up 90% soo 1000 ACTIVE pc players, lets say its 10% and 1000 x 9 = 9,000 Active players on consoles lets divide them but ps4 has more sales soo around 4,300 on ps4 and 3,700 on xbox, ACTIVE on any given day…

hope this helps lol but i believe consoles have over 10,000 ACTIVE players each because console players appreciate games more with other friends >.> no offence pc ppl :smirk:


I was hoping for some a little more official but Im thinking it isnt out there


PC have roughly 40k people playing a week, I would think consoles would have at least 3-4 times that number since PC only made up roughly 20% of the sales. There was a post from a PS4 player which has dissapeared saying he was lvl 20 and only getting matched with people in the first 10 levels, others replied saying the same. Numbers don’t matter to most people though as long as you can find a game

I do have to say DOTA2 and CS:GO are two games which would go against your PC playing with friends theory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, around 14 million people a week playing just these two multiplayer games.