Xbone or PS4?


trying to figure out who the bigger group is going to be, i have both and i went PS4 because they have sold more, which makes me think the percent of evolve players on PS4 should by higher. What system do you think will have more players?

BTW i’m BerserkMerc if your looking for people to play evolve with feel free to add me. I will be playing a lot of monster because i love hunting the hunters.


well we are 100 strong through the forums and facebook on ps4. but if you were to base it on hype. xbox has the most catering so they have more…exposure?

But if you counted units and things to buy in february. id say ps4 will outsell xbox simply from unit sales. its like a 4-1 ratio. and globally evolve will sell better to ps4. so it COULD be even in the states since xbox is american loyal. last i heard those sales were alot closer but still ps4 is winning.


X1 for me.


PURELY subjective and opinion, but I think Evolve will attract more PS4 users due to amount of users with PS4, and the games PS4 users prefer compared to XBone.


Its and online shooter so PC.


The question was between XBone and PS4, no PC.


Although XBone is getting an advantage with Evolve, I would recommend PS4.


I’ve got over a dozen of my XB1 friends that are picking up this game. We’ve played the Alpha & Beta, and simply chomping at the bit for the game’s release on the 10th. So, it’s XB1 for me!


What’s your gt so I can add you?


I really wish this “Xbone” thing would get retired – it’s console war snark, and there are plenty of X1 players around here.

I am fortunate to own both consoles, so maybe it’s harder for me to read it since I’m an X-bot and a Sony Pony, but since this community is trying to develop an overall positive tone, doesn’t it make sense not to use a slur that some snarky, spoiled brat came up with?


I also hate “Xbone” but I’ve just gotten used to seeing it. X1 seems so much easier to use. :smiley_cat:


Why is XBone so bad?


My XBL GT is the same as my forum name: Blankman6. Always glad to add forum members on my list! Gotta share the passion on the games that we talk about. :smiley:


Don’t get me wrong, I hate Microshaft with a fiery passion, but I only use it as an acronym. The fact you take it personally is something on your end. Sorry.


PS4, personally. Then again, I’m a little biased, lol.



I thot xbox players named it that way. so i just went with the flow lol xbone sounds better than x1 to me.

also i never heard of x-bot lol.


I guess people think it means X Bone or something.


Agreed! I’m mendicantbias00 on xbl.


I’m on ps4 but honestly either side will have enough users to enjoy the game.


Guess I didn’t make my point.

People were experiencing much manufactured outrage when the X1 was announced, so someone too clever by half saw that XBOX ONE could be contracted to XBONE (therefore genital-related, because boners, tee-hee-hee-hee-hee), and the phrase was born, so when I see its use, it just looks like petty snark.