XBone Monster looking for team


XBone player looking for a team to play with or just scrim against im not picky. My monsters are all under 1k if I didnt work a full time im sure they would be all top 300 like my goliath. Just looking to get better and play people who are actually competitive.


Ill message you tonight. We are looking for a monster for our ESL team.


What is your gamertag?


looking for a monster too, lvl 40 trapper ranked 130
add me at GT: ArcticStorm321 i should be able to play you tonight, 12:30am cdt :slight_smile:


GamerTag is GrandMastaPoc (inside joke) just message me im sure ill be on tonight. Thanks for the quick responses fellas see ya tonight.


when will you be playing next?


Im on now, and will be on for a little longer tonight then ill be on tomorrow as well


GT is EE Matadurr. Looking for another monster for our team as well. Top 4 support, top 2 trapper, top 10 medic in world on team.


Sweet ill add you now just add me when you can


I notice you didn’t mention assault. If you need an assault player, I’m top 10 in the world with Parnell and am solid with the others. GT is ngriff314. I’m down for competitive play or just having a team to avoid public games. Thanks!


Im looking to join a team and can play a pretty mean monster.

my gt is mikedog6000 if your interested in playing later tonight. I’m usually online from 6:00pm-11pm CST


Still looking for a squad dont hmu if you rely on t4 for wins and cant cycle maps -_-


A note to everyone else, if you can’t take a loss, don’t blame it on character or map choices. You are not worth our time if you cry and moan because we win three scrims in a row.

Poor sportsmanship is not welcome in our group.


My gt is the same as my forum name. I play mainly monster, am good at assault, and support, and can play trapper, or medic.


This dude is so but hurt get out of my thread lol. Keep running shit comps ill never see you at an event


Haha but I’m not the one that quit. I was going to tell you good games and thanks for your time, but then you sent me that hateful message first way out of left field.

Seeing as this thread has already turned toxic, I’m out.