Xbone Hunting Season Pass giveaway for the most AtmoShereic Wildlife photo

Capture the most AtmoShereic wildlife photo on the Planet and win the Hunting Season Pass!
Submissions will be added to the AtmoShereic album in the Xbox One Facebook Group (must be a member) Ask to join and you shall gain entry!

submissions will end Monday June 1st 9:00pm PDT.

Judging will be done by the Groups admins (me included) and by our special guest judge Chris Holmes, Level Artist and Designer from Turtle Rock Studios!

Winner will be announced soon after and recieve 1 XBONE DLC code for the Hunting Season Pass courtesy of @MacMan

Happy Hunting!


Now to get some Mammoth Birds to pose…


Xbone code, not PC

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What does the hunting season pass include? I thought that was just tier 4 hunters.

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And the Magma skins for the Monsters if I’m not mistaken.

Yes, Tier 4 Hunters and Magma Skins only.

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Soooo a challenge for people who havent put money into the game

A challenge for people who don’t have all of the tier 4 hunters, or that just want the magma skins.

Even if someone has 3/4 of the T4 hunters, that’s still a free hunter + a few skins.

Maybe if it was a season pass for t5 but i bought the season pass when i got the game, people who supported the game get an empty challenge now

It’s a token of generosity and something fun to do over the weekend, no need to be bitter because you already have the T4 Hunters.


Exactly. If they did a behemoth give away, everyone who bought behemoth could say the same. Its just something neat they are doing so give your support to encourage them to do more in the future.

Hopefully they do a few things like this for the PC :slight_smile: Thanks TRS!

I mean thats just a odd marketing bit, why not a set of skins, or something people havent already paid to get? So its not an empty challenge for half the community (the dedicated half)

I’d rather them give hunter give aways than skins. Just a difference of desires. I think they opted to do a give away on something pricy compared to something that’s 1/3 or 1/4 the price. So it shows they’ll give away even the top dollar stuff.

Its cool and all and i hate to be a dick, i just think alot of people who already put money into the game are gonna get aggrivated that people are getting things already paid for for free, what happens if someone who already has it wins?

No I get where you’re coming from. Its a land mine no matter what a company picks unless its something new since every item is owned by someone, there will be many left out.

I’m PC user so I can’t compete, but I do have it already so if I had won it then I’d probably give the code to a friend or maybe trade it.

This is assuming the winner gets a full-fledged actual code to apply to any account instead of it being auto-applied. So I guess its potentially useful even for someone who owns the season pass.

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One person is getting one code, i don’t see the problem. I paid for the hunters pass begin the game dropped and I don’t have any issue. Especially if this gets an X1 player online more often.

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Youre into it for the marketing tho, not the actual competetion or reward of it

Thanks for the understanding, just feel like theyre shoving aside those who supported the game

Well no, I already purchased the pass so I don’t really need to compete for it. Not sure if that’s what you meant by marketing.

But this isn’t an official contest, just something fun for forumites. :slight_smile:

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