XBone and PS4...do they work with Keyboard?


I just had a lightning strike question hit me. Does the Xbox One and Ps4 have keyboard and mouse functionality? And, if so, can you play a FPS game with the typical PC config WSAD? If so, this might just push me into buying one of these console. The only reason I do not use consoles now is simply because I can’t do FPS games using thumbsticks. I flat out suck. But if I could use a keyboard…

Forgive my ignorance!


I can’t speak for the PS4, but I know the Xbox does not have compatibility for the mouse + keyboard outside of modding your console which I never have bothered with

Which always struck me as dumb considering Logitech products are partnered with Microsoft.

Even more silly, is Microsoft controllers can be used for PC gaming, where as PC peripherals can not work on consoles.

I always wondered about this for years now as to why not.



Don’t think so.

Have you tried posting your budget and asking if someone could come up with a nice rig? Researching parts is the hardest part of building a PC, I’m sure someone will be able to help you out here.


XIM4 will be able to allow it. I have a XIM Edge and used a PS Nav + Mouse to play on PS3. It’s pretty fun and works relatively well considering it’s not a native option. However, it’s also not a cheap option. I don’t use the Edge any more since I converted to PC gaming, but the hardware works.


As I recall, Microsoft banned keyboard+mouse support on the original Xbox to try to differentiate it from the PC and despite the route the last two gens have gone they still haven’t changed their attitude.

Anyway PS4 supports it just fine (as did the PS2 and 3) but most games won’t accept the input.


Was really hoping for something native and not modded. It was just an idea I had while trying to use a keyboard to browse the net on a smart TV since the remote control use for typing is utterly painful…and I was like, wait, couldn’t I do this with an XBox? Oh man what a concept! Then I jumped on here to ask, but I really wanted a native option for so doing. I’m kinda shocked it’s not intuitive to the new gen system.


I’m looking at totally open options right now, and have nothing but time on my hands to piece something awesome together, either by build or buy, by the time Evolve releases…but I thought I could maybe negate it all if only the XBox took to the keyboard and mouse natively. I have other folks who don’t game on PC but who have XBox so for a while I got hyped I might be able to play with them after all. I guess not really, without some work. Meh, just researching, researching, researching for my best options. Closer to year’s end I will be ready to put money where my best option lies and I have no doubt the fine people in this forum could help me build a rig or pick one out. I’ve very happy with you guys helping this old gamer get back into the times and answering all of my questions amply.