[XBO] Graphics glitch on Wraith Trap map


I’ve not seen anyone else call out this map yet or this specific issue. Every time I played this map last night, I can see “shadows” of the buildings that are behind object that I’m staring at. For instance, while I’m facing a large cliff that I’d have to jetpack to get on top of, and there are buildings in my line of vision (but completely obstructed by the cliff I’m staring at), I can see the outline of the buildings, even if it’s clear on the other side of the map. It only happened on this map though. I’ll try to take pics tonight if it would help (should have though of that last night…).


I’ve had this problem a few times too. I usually just shrug it off seeing as how it doesn’t directly affect my gameplay.


Yap same here, also we had it as the first map in evacuation and it just keep playing that round over and over again with the graphics bugging out every time.


I actually just made a thread about Evac day replays. Its happening to me quite often.


True, it doesn’t affect game play, but if they are looking for bugs, that’s why they have this sub-forum. It didn’t happen on any other map that I noticed (especially the maps available in the betas). However, that could be due to the dark colors of the other maps hiding the shadows.


I’ve had it happen on Aviary and another map too cant remember the name but it wasnt Wraith Trap.