XB1 vs PS4 Evolve players (ESL)


Which are better? Were there any or did anyone record or live stream the new PS4 Evolve ESL cup that went on a week or two ago? I would like to see some footage from some of the best hunter teams and monsters from PS4.


I’d like to see Bmw3japleader88 play on ESL since on his Twitch streams he claims to be the World’s Best Monster. I think I saw his name on Team Dropship


Sadly nobody shoutcast for ps4 esl yesterday, u might find the footage from seth_morgan if he save his past broadcast for this week, last week i think @LosSalvatierras is the one who hosted the final game


Also @KaptinSkorge archived his games from yesterday


I don’t want to start a console war, and honestly who is on what does not concern me. This opinion is my own, and taken as neutral as I can make it, and takes each platform as a whole and average, not looking at specific edge cases. (For example, players from the EvolveHype team on Xbox One crossing over to PC and actually doing well despite what a lot of people assumed would be a massacre.)

The general level of play, on average, rates as this currently in my mind. The gaps are not too far between, but they are there, and are noticeable. As for rating PS4 play, I have watched play from both cups so far, and can make an estimated guess as to their level of play, however more time will have to pass before I can say for certain.

PC > Xbox One > PS4.

This is solely based on my opinion of the level of theoretical play and decisions made by teams in each respective platform. The whole ‘Accuracy’ argument is something I don’t wish to touch, as each side will start to claim Controller doesn’t hold back accuracy and that Mouse and Keyboard are superior, blah di blah, you get my drift.

The level of thinking behind play, in compositions, decision making during a hunt and positioning during a team fight is as I see it, better on PC than all other platforms, then Xbox One comes in behind (They are getting there, and greatly improving on their theoretical side) with PS4 coming last right now, sadly with quite a big gap in comparison to the gap between Xbox and PC. I would like to see that PS4 can improve soon in their theory, as having ‘Accuracy’ and dodging skills won’t win you over in my books.

Again, this is all taken from my point of view, having watched all three platforms in competitive play in-depth now, and is in regards to their strategy used and developed. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

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I faced them yesterday. In games coming up to me, I think he played some monster, but he dropped at least two games, one by time limit. He played support against my monster and spent an awful lot of time dead, then subbed himself out.

I have a couple of last week’s games highlighted, and I’ll do more today, if twitch saved them.


Love to hear any constructive critism man :smile:


Would like to point out that only our monster and our support from xbox played and made it to the finals at a 4-2 loss. Don’t really think xbox is that far behind if 2/5 of the players can play on PC for a day and make it to the finals.


Are you talking overall or the top teams from each platform?

yesterday in the finals both monster players lost all games and thier sub monster came in a pulled out a 1 hp bar win. idk how much better in accuracy and team fighting they really have to get.


I’d love to give it :smile:

In general, for the PS4 Scene, they do not seem to have picked up in anyway at all on the Stage 2 Evolve dome meta that is prominent in the PC meta and has been shown to be very strong. In fact, the whole Evolve Stage 2 meta that is still being used by Ninja Penguins in the PC scene is even more extraordinary in the fact it is not being used in Console seeing that Console have 11 second evolve timer still over the current 9 second evolve timer on PC.

I saw way too many cases in the two weeks of Monsters reaching a Stage 3 fight with way too much health. Reaching Stage 3 on PC right now is almost unheard of, and only the best reach Stage 3, even then they take quite a chunk of health damage in most cases.

Work on your strategy and what is currently accepted as the best strategy for winning games consistently, and I am sure the Ps4 scene and improve. (And it is excepted as the Best meta in the game, Console being behind PC in patches literally lets you guys find out the meta and play it as if releases.)

@Woyldman Please read what I said in the first place about this being a generalised view, and does not take into account Edge cases. I specifically mentioned EvolveHype there… your argument is extremely invalid.

@kyronr600 This is taking into account the overall play for each platform, as stated in the original post.


I played in the finals im akumasrage. i got maybe 1-2 clean evolves without getting domed before coming out of the cocoon. but that was with me sneaking and getting the gap needed in order to get the evolve off. something the PC monster absolutely abandoned.

another case i want to point out is in evolve domes we hide and use moves to keep the assault off of us. EVERY pc monster fights to get a strike on hank. EVERYTIME. and they lose almost all thier hp for it. that is why we get to stage 3 with higher hp. its not accuracy. if i dove the support at stage 2 no armor i would be dead too. in fact with full armor trying to get downs I leave with half hp or less sometimes.

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I can say for a very clear fact, that this was the way the game was played pre-Stage 2 Evolve dome meta. Sneaks would work, and damage mitigation also worked. But clearly, console players have not reached the level of play yet on PS4 to do this.

Sneak does not work on PC, because the teams are too good at tracking. By using spawned food, dead meat and broken trees, teams can track a sneaking Monster in under 30-40 seconds. The fact that sneaking slows down your feeding speed significantly, and also reduces your possible locations to move to (Due to birds being so annoying right now) that sneaking is just not worth the time on PC. It is a proven fact sadly.

As for damage mitigation, teams got better at doing this. In fact, it is why the whole Stage 2 Dome meta came around. If a Monster has no armour going into a fight due to the dome, damage avoidance is really hard, and you are going to come out of the fight with a lot of missing health. On top of that, PC Trappers are actually doming in VERY specific locations to cut off loops and reduce hiding spots. It is being crazy how good these Trappers are in their dome positioning and locations, even learning now to pull of the legendary ‘God Domes’, which have places Hunters can slip through for safety, but Monsters cannot.


You dont eat anything in the spawn location. you dont hit trees. you get to a river if you can to haul ass. trust me my team runs the evolve dome meta. we dome if they are around 2-3 bars of armor cuz they are trying to fight OR if they are not ready to evolve. its super easy to tell if a monster is ready to evolve or not. so we dome and try to get the 1-2 bars of hp off.

its worth sneaking. your going to get caught anyway. you might as well risk the 50-50 and then run vs just running and getting destroyed the rest of the game.

evolving up and losing 2-3 bars of HP (becoming stage 1s hp bar again) to be stronger for stage 2 fights or having 1-2 bars of hp left after leaving that first dome? you tell me which one is better. hunters out of position/mistakes are the only way PC monsters win. and they usually do it with less than 1 bar of hp left.


I am not sure if you are aware, but the spawn rate of creatures on a map is dependant on which direction the Monster heads… It doesn’t matter if you leave no tracks, break nothing and use water, Hunters will know which way you head. Once they know your general location, your pretty much screwed sneaking wise, because tracking the Monster by listening for steps and sniffing is easy to do. I am not a Monster player or Hunter player myself, but the PC scene has abandoned sneaking for a Very good reason.

And losing 2-3 bars of HP is not what happens on PC if you try to avoid damage…


Accuracy my friend, well, maybe i’m suck with controller :frowning:


It can be. and yes you can juke them if the spawn rate is caught on. dont head in one direction…I dont think its impossible to sneak. its 100% worth it. your getting caught anyways and they wont throw the dome unless you have no armor or you evolve. so whats the risk? they are waiting for you to evolve anyway so take your sweet time. you have 20 minutes and as you stated, no one reaches stage 3 on PC.

100% disagree. evolve locations + correct distance means they either throw the dome instantly to get you in or you get away cleanly. again on PC they are choosing bad spots to evolve. doing the same thing over and over again. producing the same results.

as a final note id like to point out that all this doesnt mean much. stage 3 objective fights are pretty much 70% in favor for hunters on most or all maps. so on pc where they have better teamwork and better aim/dodging the monster will lose anyway. stage 2 is really the only way to win anymore.


I’d really love to see you play against Ninja Penguins. Because either, you are right and beat them… Or what I am expecting to see, is you will literally get your ass handed to you.

I do not claim that sneak is not worth it because I don’t think it is. I don’t claim that Stage 2 Domes are too good because I think it is. I claim this all from the opinions of almost, if not every player in the PC scene.


I wont win. I lost against Victorious secret and my own team for the last two weeks. trying to figure out how to crack objective fights.

I will reach stage 3 against them. VC was the best traversing team i proly ever played. and I got 1-2 clean evolves. it wasnt a full 100% juke. but it gave me the jump enough to evolve and get away afterwords.

So yeah If i had a pc i would do it. Id reach stage 3 with 6-7 bars of hp. id take that bet.


I mean, I could tag NjP and be like, tell this guy what’s up LOL :joy_cat: But ultimately, it won’t do anything. There is no way unless you have a PC for you to take on the PC teams, so there is no way to say ultimately that either of us are wrong.

All I know is, from my view having watched every scene closely and being involved as closely as I am to it all, that this is the case. Up to you if you want to believe me or not.


besides you chose NJP which isnt the “overall” for Pc. they are the KING of PC. they are destroying every team that comes at them. so for me to beat them would pretty much put me at the top of all monster players in the history of evolve.

you said overall. and yes the newer teams of ps4 havent expierenced the competitive side as much as the top teams have. so maybe our lower end isnt as good.

if anything it should be PC > PS4 > Xbox. to say all of xbox is better than us is a joke, monsters won 100% of thier matches in the proving grounds. because their hunter teams sucked ass. besides evolvehype. again. thats not the overall. thats 1 team. that other team uhh vanquish? are mediocre at best.