XB1 Silver Expert looking for a consistant group

Hey guys since 2.0 came out I have added alot of people to my friends list and play with them, BUT most of these are either already part of a team(they leave as soon as the rest of team gets on) or just aren’t quite as good as they believe they are(I play with them but silly mistakes are demolishing my W/L ratio). I want to find a group of people that don’t have a team they will abandon me for(which may be asking alot)

I play most every night from 5-930pm CST(then I go to work) and longer on Thursdays and Fridays(my days off). I have everything Elite and don’t main anything(but i want to change that). Im very laid back and don’t get upset about anything.

Gamertag is EmperorJoker21

Add me if you like: mr giganto

I already added you, and i often play with Giganto too, so the more the merrier!

Srvng 21 bscts

Upper end of silver skilled and I got there w no mic pubs have every elite add me up :wink:

I’ll just leave this here :slight_smile:
GT: RaggityMan

LOCO SKITZ add me can play any position gt to ranked silver playing with randoms but they suck

I would be down to play with you. Usually on from 7-10:30 PM CST. I usually like to play Medic but can play anything really.

I’m Bronze skilled right now was Silver, but pubs. Now I’m stuck in the Bronze wasteland.

GT: MikeVad3r

all you guys sign up. Ill help you find a team around your skill level.