XB1 PRO team looking for more members!


looking for very competitive players to join a pro team! Medic is taken by my friend that is ranked 17 as laz. I play support mostly but can swap with others. so we are mainly looking for is assault & trapper.
tryouts will be made!
also must be mature (no squeakers)

gt: iPerfect wR


Hey I am interested I’m level 13 and love to play as Griffin or Hyde, my gamer tag is
X PokerChips X.


I am also interested, Level 13, but played since open Beta.
My preferred role is trapper, I can play Assault as well.
Gamertag is Dx20217


I am a very good trapper. I just recently started being interested in assault, and would be very interested in competitive play

(SecretAgentxP) without the parenthesis my gamertag


Trapper is my main role. I’m level 30, I was top 5 with Abe, started playing as all other trappers after my leaderboard got reset. I would easily still be there.


Abe’s mastery complete

Maggie tier 2

Griffin tier 3 (almost complete mastery)

Confident in all Trappers

GT: Scram Newton


Kindly use these two threads to conduct your search:

It’ll be easier, more efficient, and keep the forums cleaner.


I can play any character I was ranked 12 in the beta as Abe but have not really touched him since the game came out. Have Claria maxed out as well as two stars on Parnell. I’m very competitive gamertag is Fubar1593.


I’m lvl 24