XB1 Players


Hi, my name is Martyna (Marty) and I’m looking to find decent silver skilled or higher level people to play with, I myself am a silver expert in hunters and monsters. I main in medic, but open to support or trapper. So if you play xbox and feel interested hit me up, add me, or message and I’ll get back to you ASAP my gt is " Barbie Succubus " thanks!


SQUARE Necron. Main trapper. silver skilled. (Would be higher but i’ve been bringing my friends out of bronze :wink: ) feel free to add me. I’ll throw a “add friend” your way as well.


Hey looking for players also, My GT is DYNAMITEHEADY

Silver skilled, main trapper or assault. I’ll add you also


GT: Major Warrior

I’ve been hopping between Evolve and Dark Souls lately so if I’m on Evolve then hit me up.

Kinda gets annoying playing a match as Kala expecting Assault to do their job only to find that they are getting a kick out of teleporting over and over again…


GT: crimsonregret55

Silver Expert here as well. I main Trapper but can play other roles.


Assault and support