XB1 Party Chat Issues since 2nd (now 3rd) Micropatch


Ever since the second micropatch, party chat issues on the XBox One have arisen. Every time I invite friends to join either the party chat disconnects, they get messages indicating that they’re already in my game when in actuality they aren’t, or the game no longer exists. This also happens vice versa. We’ve all checked our NAT network settings and they’re open each and every time this happens, and that’s very frequently. Many times we have to restart the game proper in order for us to even get into a game. This only happens with Evolve since we’ve tested this with Halo: MCC, Dying Light, Destiny, Battlefield 4, and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. This is extremely frustrating to say the least. Is anyone else experiencing these issues since the second micropatch? Can @MacMan, @MajorLeeHyper, & @MrStrategio look into this?


I too am having this same problem. We can never get a match going with a team of friends together. This just started happening a couple days ago. It takes about an hour to get into a room together without someone getting dropped out. Doing regular games with randoms are fine, trying to invite friends refuses to work.


What’s troubling is the fact that this is only occurring with Evolve since my friends & I have tested all of those other MP games in my initial post. This issue needs looking into because it only started since the second micropatch.


If it’s an issue with party chat, that is not Evolve related. Xbox live has been having a lot of issues lately, though.


XB Live keeps going down


That’s where you’re wrong. Even though XBL has been very inconsistent for the last couple of weeks due to DDoS idiots, it’s not related to party chat on XBL’s side. If it were, that doesn’t explain that every other game works without party chat dropping out & the inability to join friend’s games that’s currently happening with Evolve.


I have had the same issue with my other games. I am inclined to believe it is coincidence on your end.


Believe what you want, but I don’t deal in conjecture. The fact remains that there’s some incompatibility between Evolve & XBL’s party chat/joining into friend’s games since the second micropatch.


I disagree, I too have not had any issues with any of my other games, Destiny, ZAT, etc while in a party. Once more, even when just in game chat, and not using the party app at all joining is still problematic.


Your post is a bit confusing. Who are you necessarily disagreeing with? Are you saying that you’re also experiencing the same issue that my friends and I are with the party chat engaged? I understand the part that you’re having difficulty joining friends when you’re not in party. :confused:


To name one, I have also had this issue when playing Neverwinter.


I was disagreeing with Zachery


That’s what I thought after reading it several times because you didn’t reply directly to his post. Sometimes, posting via mobile phones/tablets have issues replying or quoting text. Thanks for clarifying that & joining in on reporting this troublesome bug, @MsRemyM.


Our team hasn’t seen this in house. You’re saying that this started happening with the second micro patch and happens 100% of the time. I’ve got @Ancient_01 looking into it.


Yes, it seems to be affecting every one of my friends that’s in the XB1 Preview Program which has advanced patches of the OS. It routinely disconnects our party chat functionality and gives us the error message- “The previous session that you tried to connect to no longer exists.” Joining random players on matchmaking is no problem, but playing with friends results in futility. Thanks for looking into this issue, @MrStrategio & @Ancient_01.


We’re still experiencing the same problems as stated in the original post even after this latest (third) micropatch, @MrStrategio & @Ancient_01.