XB1 Open Beta (15th Jan) //// PC/PS4 Technical Test (16th/17th Jan) to


-------------------The January Evolve Beta-------------------


------------------------------------------Summary ------------------------------------------

Playable Characters

Only tier two characters will be available to play. These are:

  • Markov
  • Hyde
  • Maggie
  • Griffin
  • Hank
  • Bucket
  • Val
  • Lazarus
  • Goliath
  • Kraken

(Source: http://evolvegame.com/news/the-evolve-xbox-one-open-beta-is-coming)

Xbox One Content

XB1 players will have access to Hunt, and Evacuation mode. Hunt will be able to be played from the 15th of January, whereas Evacuation will become available on the 17th.

PC/Playstation 4 Content

The PC/PS4 Technical Test will only have Hunt. PC will have 5 maps and PS4 will have 3.


Your progress in the Beta will carry over into the final game only if you are playing on Xbox. PS4 and PC players will have to start again once the game ships.

Offline Play

You won’t be able to play offline during the Beta. However, you will be able to in the shipping version of Evolve.


There will be no NDA for the Beta.

"You CAN record anything you want from your experience. In fact, we WANT you to share it with us! If we like your clips, we could even share them with the world on our streams!

Requirements to Play

  • XB1 players will need to have an Xbox Live Gold Account. The Beta can be downloaded straight from the Xbox Marketplace for free.
  • PS4 players will need to have a PSN Plus Membership and an invite via email.
  • PC players will need an invite to participate.

Can I Participate if I Took Part in the Big Alpha?

Yes!!! You should receive an email with your invite once they are being sent out .

Official Link

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Beat me to it. :slight_smile:


So I guess that means we look for an email in January prior to this starting. It also sounds like if you don’t have Left 4 Dead, you’ve got some time to pick it up while sales are still going strong! Wonder if Left 4 Dead 2 works?

Unless there’s also going to be a closed beta, it sounds like the post-Alpha survey/2k playtest signups aren’t related to this… not that I’m complaining, certainly :slight_smile:


PC Players: Starting January 16th … which is limited in scope and will not include Evacuation or have Hunter and Monster unlocks carry over to Evolve’s launch.

cool, I’m still going to play mostly HUNT)


YES! I was worried that is was PC only but now I can play Evolve on the PS4 (Big Alpha I was stuck on my slow laptop) and I think the characters transfer over. Awesome!


So for how long? 16th to?


No wraith :stuck_out_tongue:
I am confused :stuck_out_tongue:
They show us all the footage and than nothing ?


Heck ya man had a blast playing with you and some of the other forum members!!!


I already said this in my other topic but it comes out on the last day of my mock exams :blush:


It just means we will have to re-unlock the characters and monsters again come final launch; it doesn’t mean we can’t play as all the characters now. We have to progress and unlock characters to get to certain ones, and will again have to do this when the game releases. It’s pretty typical of an alpha or a beta test; you have to start over again once the game is finally released.


oh ok ty sledge :slight_smile:


There didnt seem to be an end date for the PC beta… here is hoping for no end :smiley:


Wait, PC and PS4 players don’t carry over progress. :frowning:


Yes, its the downside for PC/PS4 users.

So far I haven’t seen any info when the beta ends.


BOUYA :smiley:
16th January is gonna be a bloody day…Hunters, be preprared!



This is awesome! This just made my morning twice over. :slight_smile: For the first time I will be able to say I alpha tested and beta tested a game. I am so pumped! Setting the goal now: get wraith and go for elite this time. The thing I was best at was sneaky monsters, so hopefully this will come naturally. :smiley: Plus, with only one week of class at that point, homework won’t have time to accumulate.

I’m a little peeved that the Xbox people get to keep content from their time - their timed exclusive keeps coming with awkward unmentioned benefits that others don’t have. Again, at least it isn’t exclusive content, but it still rubs me wrong.


Great news about testing on PC, but I’m a little bit disappointed that Xboxers get to keep their progress from the beta when the game launches.


but PC users will not play with them, so that all is fair :slight_smile:


At least we won’t pass by the embarassment to loose to level 1s :wink:


15th - 19th X1
16th - 19th PC
17th - 19th PS4