[XB1] Monster dead at start of match



This was the beggining of the match, I didn’t join in progress. As you can see in the second clip, the results screen even states the round length was 0:00.
The loading unfortunately took too long for me to record everything from the character select screen as the XB1 can only record up to the last 30s.

The Monster player quit/lagged out as the match started (the moment when both teams are revealed to the opposition in the menu). I assume this may have something to do with what happened.

I’d appreciate it if somebody could confirm whether the videos are working.
Videos confirmed to work


This has happened to me a few times (on Xbox) and whenever it does I start screaming stupid stuff like “WOO WOO BEST HUNTERS EVER ID LIKE TO THANK MY MOMMY FOR BELIEVING IN AND DAISY WHO CLEARLY WA DA REAL MVP” you know that kind of stuff… as for the problem itself no idea what causes it :slight_smile:


It’s probably those damn Mammoth Birds I mean look at them…


They’re the real monsters :weary:

On a serious note though the videos do work and if you notice it looks kind of like the map didn’t load so possibly the Monster died instantly due to some loading glitch.


Has happened to me once before, I don’t know if i recorded it or not


Shhh, we love the Mammoth Bird overlords… Don’t anger their kind.
~glances around fearfully~


My shortest game as Monster was one of my early Wraith 1.3 ones. I warp blasted to kill a massive group of mammoth brids at the start of the match. All of them zapped me at once. I died. Just straight up dead. Right there.

Wasn’t even 30 seconds.