XB1 Looking to join Competitive / Tournament team


GT is WolfParade82
the tldr is:
Looking for people to play Evolve with, ideally high end stuff where ranking up / laddering / tourney play is a goal.
I prefer Trapper & Assault
Main playtime is evening & nights CST, willing to put in a lot of hours
Currently have Maggie & Markov elite mastery, workin on the rest

The non-TLDR is firstly, I consider myself a pretty chill and mature guy by the standards of most competitive try-hard types. I want to win, the higher the stakes and more skilled the opponent the better, but I don’t flip out on friends & teammates. Very open to constructive post-game analysis and theorycraft.
Anyone reading this who isn’t currently leading / organizing a potential “pro” team but still wants to group up for competitive Hunt mode play feel free to friend me also, more people I can hang with the less rando games I get

Appreciate your time.

Our team is pretty solid and we play in the evenings/nights against high opponents. We often message, invite, and play against monsters in the top leaderboards, however, we are only in need of a support class. We;ve had the best luck with Hank. Message SaturnAscension on Xbox One.

you guys should join GB and make a team. people play competetively on it. you can play matches whenever and they run tournaments.
Check it out^
Trying to get the competetive community as big as possible.
Its way more fun against good teams.

If you get this message i can play as support medic and trapper so if you can please contact me my gamertag on xbox one is kingjaime26