Xb1 looking for two experienced players dedicated to assault and medic


Need dedicated assault and medic. Must have mic and experience. Gt- xZiggy xx


add spookhunter91
^medic with mic.


I play a little bit of everything, least of all trapper, mostly med and support. I do play assault as well. Have mic and been playing watching for 6+ months. Add me Poe13187


X1zordon1x I play it all


I can play medic or assault. Est. Time zone



Try these places and put your info in as well:



Agman95 assault


Level 31, Elite Mastery Parnell Assualt player if wanted, UK and have mic GT is R3apeRZ1 rank 14 (as of last night)


United States ranked 100th in the world as Hyde as of last night. Almost elite.


If you still need someone, i have hyde and torvald both mastered with most done on Markov. Top 750 for the first two. Better than average medic, however none are mastered. Add Bawsach


I’m a pretty good medic player, play as Slim and Val and always have my turtle beaches on. GT: H41ku fk


Gt is zoned out wb. I elite every hunter but slim main assault,support. Anyone can add me


GT Pvtshields, i duno havent played much in a while but i should still be top of most medic and assault boards. Could always use more players


+40 Gloves of Summoning! @SQUARENecron


Recruiting MLG team here. Last Judgement. If you’re interested send SQUARE Necron a message on xbone. Almso need a MLG account (its free)