[XB1] Looking for fellow hunters


Hello guys, as the title of the thread suggests I am looking for a team of hunters to play the game with. I’m tired of being forced to play with determining rank players who then end up being extremely weak players. I am happy to play whatever class, so anyone else out there want to play? Message me, my xbox live: Ninja Medic51


Always love getting more people to play this game with! GT: komomodo


Teh_fit_m8 is my G tag, I’m out of town right now but I’m a great parnell main and decent medic of any choice but I prefer E.M.E.T. and a better Trapper preferring Jack. I’ll be back on Monday and if ya send me a message and request I’ll add you through smart glass and maybe we can play when I’m back next week! :slight_smile:


have you tried this?:


Lol Dev, finally using the forums aye?


Wasko45… always looking for new players. I’m a fairly exceptional medic. I am good at any class really.


Im down to play. I main assault an my secondary is support. You can find me on theEvolvegroup or jus add me an msg. My gtag is B0bZ0mb1e2113 hmu to play! Happy hunting mate :slight_smile:


Was that in response to me? Because I’m not a Dev.


Sorry, Ninja Medic is one of my friends from other games


prefer medic or assault will play trapper or monster for variety
not currently ranked as looking for others to play with
Gt: snowbals chance


I prefer assault or medic, i am not good with trapper or support. My ign is CriimsonNinja.


Beardo702 assault trapper can play all silver elite