[XB1] Evolve Ultimate Edition is Not available to buy in Xbox one store


Hi everyone, i want buy Evolve for xb1 in german store. But i cant. i See only this Game is not available. I’m wondering and ask me why i cant buy it.


It seems to be here on the Ireland store, that’s weird


So you can’t see the game on the store? Or you can’t buy it?


I can see but not buy.


Perhaps we should tag @LadieAuPair maybe she can help?


Can’t fix it personally, but I can look into it!

What region is this?


I see he hasn’t replied yet. He said he was Germany if that helps.


Hi, this problem is solved. It is available now. I did nothing but just waiting.


Then i welcome you to Shear.

Stay a while. Stay forever.

insert Gorgon laughter here


Problem solved with time.