XB1 Evolve Community Battlefy tournament on February 27


Since there is no battlefy tournament this weekend I decided to host one myself. I need to make sure there are enough people playing, so all xbox players interested in joining need to message me at this gamertag: alexandrkickass
I also need people to cast it @SuperBadJuJu @Seedsy

The tournament should be ready for people to sign up for by tomorrow afternoon 2/26.

1st prize will be 5 custom evolve t-shirts with your team name printed on the shirt!

sign up here: https://battlefy.com/alexandrkickass-inc/evolve-community-tournament/56d0156adc970808032631a6/info


You already have a thread for this. You should edit that one. @skills4u2envy


The tournament has been canceled, I couldnt get enough people to join on such short notice.