[XB1] Do you play almost every night? Midnight (EST)?


Hi Guys,
Seems like everyone on my friends list is on to bigger and better things. Having spent almost 300 hours, I’m still not finished. I am a mature (29) semi-competitive player, skilled in each class and monster. Looking to making some new friends and kicking ass. I play almost every night after work Midnight EST. Play about 2-3 hours, so PST ppl still add me! XBL tag: JuMpWiReD


And that’s how you make a ‘searching for’ post. I applaud this because a lot of people forget times, system, put it in the wrong category, etc. Unfortunately I’m on PS4 so I cannot join ya, but I wanted to give you kudos for making a pretty much perfect post.



Wish I had a PS4… community seems to be much bigger on the console then both Xbox and PC!


Several of my buddies still play Evolve on a regular basis. We’re spread out all over the U.S. & even as far as Japan. Most of us are either on the West or East Coast. The majority of us are over 35, and we fire up Evolve every weekend. A few of us manage to grab games for a few hours during the work week. We’re pretty competitive, but having fun and camaraderie are the main priorities. Most of us have been gaming as a crew on XBL for close to ten years now, so we all know each others’ strengths & weaknesses. We communicate very well (all have mics), function as a unit, & genuinely love the game of Evolve. I main either Medic or Support. You can add me on XBL GT: Blankman6


Adding you def in EST and midnight-ish is common game time.

Be on the lookout for srvng 21 bscts


Add me on every night EST until about 2-3 am. Same gt as above


Adding everyone tonight… always great to meet and play with new people…