XB1 Character leaderboard not updating for me


You i’m getting pretty high on the leaderboard for Emet but it’s been three days that i have been playing and since I’ve won about 10 -13 games and lost 5 but my wins and death count’s haven’t changed at all? What’s going on?


Ah, there’s currently something wrong with the leaderboards. Nobody seems to be able to do anything. There’s a thread here.

Also, welcome to the forums! Might want to give these a read. Very useful.


Ok thank you, I was just hoping it wasn’t only me who was stuck


Yeah, the wins should count when the leaderboard gets fixed, so your work isn’t going to waste.



I’ve got a couple questions:

  1. What is your XBL id?
  2. When did you play (or notice this was happening)?
  3. Were you playing online or offline?

My GT is ----------------, And all my play has been online. So I checked back and everyone else is adjusting just not me but I seem to have 2 Leaderboard ranks!? One hasn’t changed and the other has a really low rank of 16 - 22 (Which isn’t even true of the games i played while the leaderboard not adjusting because when I played I wouldn’t be negative because I played more games after I posted this. I played 10 and they were all wins with about 2 deaths. This is frustrating because the people behind me are still climbing and i’m stuck. [Edit: The guy behind me has gone up 10 wins with no deaths for sure but i’m not sure if anyone if front of me has moved]


Please check again this morning.

Our service provider that manages the leaderboard service through Rackspace didn’t catch an issue after a scheduled Rackspace maintenance last week and rolled out a fix this morning for it.

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[Fixed in TU09] Wins not registering on leader boards

I just checked again right now I still have two ranks, and All the games I played after I got stuck at 168 still haven’t updated


You will need to play new games, the server was not recording anything during the time it was down

[Fixed in TU09] Wins not registering on leader boards

That sucks, Ok thank you for the help though


Thanks for bringing it up, the outage somehow slipped past the safeguards they had in place to alert them of the issue. We are looking at how to prevent this in the future.

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I don’t want to pester anyone but I just wanted to ask have the boards stopped updating again? Because i’ve been stuck again since yesterday and tonight :confused: I’m just going to play games normally even if I’m not updating I just wanted to know if it’s my account with glitches and if I should uninstall the game from my xbox and reinstall it and if that would help. Because I talked to other people playing and they are all updating, also could a bad internet connection make me freeze - I don’t lag in game and I don’t really have any slow internet connection problems but there are a ton of devices connected that could slow it down. Thank you in advance