[XB1] 4/11/15 Kyojin | ESL Go4Evolve Team Needs Support/Monster players


UPDATE 4/8: Kyojin received a few requests and were able to try out almost everyone but have yet to find a substitute Support that is confident of their abilities and can be a reliable backup, come tournament Sunday. I’ll continue to update this thread further if anyone else is willing to participate in our tryouts.

UPDATE 4/11: Still on the lookout for a Support backup. No update on Sunday but if we find one in the meantime, I will post here about it, first thing.

Our team is in need for potential backups and/or starters. We’ve participated in every Go4Evolve tourney to date and made considerable progress towards winning our way through the bracket each time, our problems begin with our usual starting team having issues getting online when needed. As a result, the things we practice don’t always translate while in tournament play because we can’t find substitutes to back us up and we have to rely on random pickups. So, if there’s anyone around that see’s this thinks they can be a reliable addition to the team, message me here and our team will try you out for a few days to see if we want fit you in the roster as a backup/substitute unless proven otherwise.

Kyojin needs people who can commit to getting online, at least two hours before a tournament so that we have ample time to practice. If you live in the US this could prove difficult seeing as the tournament starts at 10AM EST, but if you’re seeing this here, you probably already knew that. Nonetheless, if you’re in search of a team, consider us and we’ll give you a shot.

Current Team Needs:

What we look for: Skill and Team Play are just behind Communication, which is primarily what we look for in a player. Must be 18 or older. Dedication to playing and getting better at the game, in short, no one timer’s. The rest is up to you, how you play and how we get along as teammates will determine whether or not you’re on the team. When it comes down to it, we don’t expect a whole lot. Other than the fact that you should play your position, do it well and feel right on the team. Who knows how far this might go, just take the ride easy, don’t stress and have fun above all else.

If you feel like you fit any of the current team needs, don’t hesitate to post your gamertag and give us a little background on your play-style. Any other info [play-style aside] you think might help, by all means, let us know.


Hello, I’m a pretty strong evolve player and I would have no problem getting on Sundays at 8am (live in the U.S.) to participate in tournaments. My best roles are definitely support/trapper/assault, but honestly my Monster is not nearly as strong as my hunter play.

Best support hunters are Hank/Sunny, something about their kits just fits my play style. I know I would be a reliable asset to the team and would have no problems committing to the team on Sundays for competitive play. I’ve been searching for an Evolve team for a little while and would love to get a shot.


Hi I play evolve non stop I have little work on at the moment so alot of free time for evolve I main medic and have over 300wins as a medic I have also played in a couple of tournaments already as well as a hand full of gb games but still have not found a solid team I would really like to get into a committed competitive team and believe I am a skilled team player that would be good asset to a team i have great map knowledge and understand how to properly deal with any monster with a great team good team work … XB1 GT i GnM x Teleban

And I know this post is for support/monster but I saw a previous post earlier by you looking for subs


Yeah we may need a sub for medic although most times he is available, it’s always nice to have backups. I’ll mention you to my team leader and if she’s willing, I’ll send you a reply message on Xbox.


Great to hear it, I’ll definitely mention your name to my team leader. And I’ll let you know when the next possible time to get in a few games with us will be. You can PM me here what your gamertag is so that I can contact you easier.


Cool would love to get a chance to get in a few games with you guys. My gamertag is the same as my forum name WaFfL3r591. Feel free to send me messages over Live, I am on at least once most days.


Ok great would love to try out . I will be looking to impress enough to get on front line up :wink: haha . Really tho msg me anytime on xbox I’m always on thanks


Pick me I’m just the best support period they call me like the yoda of support cause I teach them there hank game godbless


What timezone/main language is common in your team, if I may ask?


We all speak English, most of us go by US timezones.


Kyojin? Is this a team of Otakus we’re talking about? Just curious.


As I recently found out, yes.


I hear this team is pretty good.


Well we would be if we had a good Assault :wink:


Hey, I am really interested and I love to play the support and I love being the monster as well are their any tryouts?


We are trying out new people, yes. But we are to make it clear that we only allow people 18 and up. So if you’re underage, I’m afraid you’re ineligible for our team. I updated the post so you know what we look for in a player.