[XB] Leaderboards Still Bugged

I see that the leaderboards are still weird, at least the regular ones under “Profile.” I’ve been playing Jack since his release and yet for the last few weeks all of my wins and losses haven’t been recorded.

I’m not sure if this is only on XB1, or only with Jack or other characters yet since I haven’t actively checked. Not a huge issue, but just one that I wanted to bring up because it annoys me since I can’t tell how good I actually am with the character.

Anyone else having the same issue or am I special?

This might be the same issue, but when you go to the leaderboard for a character it doesn’t show the correct numbers, but if you change the filter and then change it back to global/all-time it fixes itself.

I’ve tried that, and also scrolling through the screens back and forth cause sometimes they “jam up.”

Also disconnected my2K account and reconnected it. Nada.

Although, my Cabot wins from about 5 months ago came back… I’d missed them.