WWE Daniel Bryan announces and addresses retirement from pro-wrestling. dem feels!


#WWE professional wrestler Daniel Bryan annouced his retirement earlier this week on his official twitter account.

Due to medical reasons, effective immediately, I am announcing my retirement. Tonight on Raw, I’ll have a chance to elaborate. #gratitude - @wweDanielBryan

Later on Monday Night Raw he went on live to address the retirement, in what has to be the most tear jerking. More like sobbing… hehe
And he went on to explain just how bad his injuries were and that he could never wrestle again because if it and how he wants to be there for his family, he went on to talk about his life and career on the indie circuit before coming to WWE and how because of wrestling he gets met the most wonderful woman in his life, his wife Brie and how much she means to him.

And he then would go on to get one last taste at the energy of the live crowd with one last YES! CHANT as a wrestler.

Never has there been more feels.

Video is cut down a bit, may need to find other bootlegs of the whole segment.




Same here.


So Bad i hv really liked him as Wrestler
If Ryback will leave or get fired will be my worst Day as a WWE Fan Girl


Man, Ryback is so cool. Hated that he kept on getting cheated out of the WWE Championship. He had it multiple times, but Heyman, The Shield, and Brad Maddox kept on messing it up. When I went to see RAW, in a dark match (matches that aren’t televised), Punk and Ryback fought for the title, and Ryback got Punk ready for the Shell Shocked, but Heyman had to come up and distract Ryback. I was very upset that day.


yeah this was so stupid he has so much skill 4 the WWE Title but anyway cant wait for saturday i will see RAW live for the first time ^^


convenient I’ve been wanting to hear a wwe song all day


Anyone notice how Chris Ashton looks like Byran minus the Jesus beard?


One of the comments I found:


I honestly like Roman and his old Shield mates. But the way they’re pushing him over is just disgusting, they’re doing an Austin angle trying to pass him off as a Cena clone. Roman is great but he needs more growth and more substance to work with.