Wtf? weirdest thing just happened


I joined a game in progress just now, jumped to dropship cam and saw some riot geared lookign skin for maggie (daisy was behind). When I landed he had Hyde’s voice, Parnell’s primary and Hyde’s secondary


It’s a man-woman!


Sounds like the glitch where a character turns into an Ebon-star soldier at drop.


Is that true or are you joking?


No, it’s actually a glitch being reported. It even happened while I was in game with someone who turned into an Ebon Star soldier instead of the medic. They died in the match then respawed on the dropship as the soldier. No Val clone I guess!


That’s amazing. Jesus christ.


Wow, i need to see that…


So strange! I’m surprised these didn’t happen in the beta. Thanks for the reports!


This happened to an ally of mine. He had a railgun, and a flamethrower. His icon was purple and he looked like a badass.


What did the icon look like? I think i encountered one of these…


how can this happen when only a few people can actually play evacuation? the chances are slim…


Sounds like one of those “Randomiser” games in TF2!

Now I’d to see those in this game, for fun!


It only seems to happened during hunt in evacuation as far as I know. Specific maps too. The ones where you can get the Ebonstar soldier as your next map effect. I was in with @SledgePainter and a bunch of other players. When Val died her icon stayed as a skull then the soldier came out the drop ship controlled by the Val player.


happened to me. made a thread about it, its pretty badass/hilarious.


Oh, then I guess I just saw the survivors not the ebonstar people.