WTF?! this game is so buggy


so, the lazarus was the whole game up there and i just couldn’t kill him but he could shoot me at relais!
P.S.: i won after years…

EDIT: it seems like he got boosted up there by sunny


found 1 glitch


Chill dude.There are many exploits we still don’t even know.We will find them,report them and they will be fixed.

summoning @Shaners to pass this photo on the team


before i could start this round, i joined as maggie dropped under the ground, and 3 invisible no life monsters (if you know what i mean). i’m kinda pissed of this evening about this game. i really like playing it, but WTF!


Properly labeling bugs will help the devs to note and categorize them.


You should take this time to laugh at all the bugs that happened over the months. I can’t tell you how many times I would laugh when something happens that either helped or hindered me. hehe still fuckin dumb whn I thnk bout thm