Wtf just happened?

Seriously, I cant even begin to comprehend what happened in this match. I just joined in too.

Connection problems? It seems like there was a lot of lag.

I havent been having any problems until that game.

I love how glitches look, thanks for sharing. Oh, and @Shin @Shaners

Why @Shin?

Lets just tag everyone else, why not?

Okay… Who should I tag, who should I tag… Oh, I know!


Maybe a sudden connection spike. Just disconnected instantly

There was no lag. I can tell because when he launches his grenades at very close range the explosion is instant with the impact. No latency there, had to have been less than one hundred.

It terrifies me that I can recognize lag, Jesus.

Also btw what FOV are you on?

Oh, and in this match? There was only one other player. He DC’d, so it ended the game because only you were in the lobby. It doesn’t seem like a bug at all, just what happens when everyone but you leaves in MM.

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