Wtf is up with the rockwall?


What is with that thing, it keeps goofing up leaving me exposed, ffs it happend to me 3 times in a row in one match a second ago and i could’ve won that match if it hadn’t for that shitty fucking ability.
I was seperating the hunters from one another, starting of with the trapper was completely alone and POOF no rock wall, than with the support, POOF. and last but not least the medic.
i just wanna point out that all of those were attempted to be executed within a cave.
is that what the devs call “should pop up more reliably”?


You mean what’s not up with the rockwall? Because the wall itself certantly isn’t. :laughing:

Yeah, the devs are aware, but apparently they are not sure how much more generous they can make the wall spawning without clipping issues and people getting stuck. I’d take clipping issues over this IMO, tough.


Yeah well it’s the same deal as most things Behemoth currently - the patch fixed very little and imo he should still be in testing with all these major bugs going on.


Like im not even overreacting about this, i would’ve had that match in the bag if the wall would do what it was meant to do… i mean i got 3 key separations(trapper,support,medic)


I know, it’s really bugged. Not only you, buddy. :wink:


is has gotten worse after the patch, i can tell you that with a confidence :kissing_smiling_eyes:


If you put it to close to yourself then it will leave holes where you would of got pinned. That is probably the problem here, unless you were using a stage 1 rock wall and then put it next to yourself, because you like to waste the ability. It most likely would not even show if you did that.


Everything… Everything is wrong with the rockwall. -.-
Strange ability is strange.