Wtf is going on with the matchmaking?


Hey guys,

today i just wanted to unlock the lazarus elite skin, i had just to play to more games to unlock it.
so i queued for some games and set my prefs
medic (because i wanted to play it)>support>trapper>assault>monster(i dont ever want to play it)…

now guess what i just got the last 8 games ?


now to my question:

what the f**k is this ?

i mean i set monster on 5 !
for me this means i dont want to play this f**king monster ! EVER !



wraith is op as hell nerf plz !


I agree matchmaking is a mess right now, but if you are trying to unlock skins just play solo custom games.


I’ve had some really bad luck as well. Went 5 games last night in skirmish where I kept getting the monster even though it’s 5th.

I tried doing that for the skins since I’m struggling to get my preference but the AI monster just runs and runs… I was practically falling asleep lol.


yeah same for me monster is on 5th but i get it like every 2nd game


stop crying just because u dnt get yr own role


It seems the game will always try to make someone a human monster over placing more “Humans vs AI” matches in the PvP setting. I understand that they are trying to make sure that there are enough people playing monster so that PvP actually has people, but in the end I don’t think this is the right way to go about it. If you don’t want to play monster you shouldn’t have to.

I’m assuming that it will change in an upcoming patch, till then try getting some friends or playing with a party, you won’t have to worry about being monster.


its not about the role… i would be glad just to be hunter and not monster 8 times in a row


was it all 8 games in the same lobby?

If so, it could be because the lobby you joined was a premade party of 4, which won’t allow them to play Monster.

If multiple lobbies… you just got unlucky… maybe even multiple lobbies of full hunter parties.

Best way to guarantee you never need to play monster is to play in a party. Make some Evolve friends and lobby up.

I think only parties of 4 should maybe be locked that way though… I think there’s a problem with matchmaking availability if you’re a party of 3 or a party of 2… I think Matchmaking should allow joining a lobby of 3 and a lobby of 2 together an then rotating the monster within them. ONLY if it joins 2 premade parties should a party member be able to be Monster, but I’d totally be willing for that if it meant shorter matchmaking waits in our groups of 2 or 3 (our most common player count)


I gotta say I whole heatedly agree.