Wtf huge glitch with my character


So I join a evac match as monster but when I spawn I first person and have 2 bars of health like a monster and only half full with behemoth stamina bar and after walking a little I see a wraith it goes to kill some reavers as if it doesn’t notice me and uses warp blast near me to kill the reavers but them kills me after I spectate the wraith with no HUD until I press random buttons and become the wraith but still with no HUD nothing like not even a health bar it’s wAs rescue game mode to


This happened to me, and it’s easy to fix.

Step 1: Push the pause/options button.

Step 2: Select “Take A Break”.

Step 3: Push “X” (or whatever the the rejoin game button is on your device).

Step 4: Enjoy!

Fun Fact: you can also scare Bucket’s Turrets and blow up Markov’s Mines while using this glitch.


But what was I


Strider? Mammoth bird? How high was the camera?


Not to high maybe reaver I guess but when I died there was no corpse


You are invisible, you are not anything with this bug. It has been around since the Big Alpha.