Wrong Monster Chosen


So I got into a game, picked Kraken with Neptune skin; first time playing Kraken since the update.

I picked my abilities and my perks and then when I got into the match I was… Meteor Goliath?
Yep, I was Meteor Goliath. My abilities were spread how they’d have been if I was Kraken (1,1,1,1) but instead with Meteor Goliath. On top of that, my perks seemed to be the same too so it was as if the game knew I picked Kraken but then had a mini-heartattack and thought I picked Meteor Goliath.

Just throwing this bug report out there :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, TRS is working on it.

I’m assuming that, since the non-chosen monster has ALWAYS been MG, it’s because MG is the current free, no Keys required monster.


Yep, MG is currently the F2P Rotation monster- and TRS are working on this bug. It has been logged! ^^