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Are you any good at writing? Do you suck at writing? Well none of that really matters! All you need to do is put words together to make a story!

-The story has to be based in the Evolve universe
-The story has to have the current Evolve characters Ex. Goliath and Hyde
-The story must be at least 100 words long

How do win and how do you enter?
All you have to do to enter is reply to this thread.
The winner will be decided by the community, via a poll on March 3rd with my top 3 favorite stories! You have from now until March 3rd. I will PM the codes to the winner within the week. Happy writing!

For discussion on this go here:

For a look at an acceptable layout for your story go here:
My Crow Short Story! (Finally complete!)

SledgePainter's Evolve Short Story
Say Something Random 5.5
Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread

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Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread

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Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread

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Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread

Since I’m waiting for a match I might as well give it a go.

The night was lit up by the 3 moons of Shear…

“We got a report of an unidentifined monster…” Cabot proclaimed “With the looks of a sort of… Spider…”

“A spider?” Parnell said while looking at the pictures. “Guild has never said anything about these before. Let’s get everyone to wake up. We need to announce this…”

“All Hunters to the briefing room, I repeat, all hunters to the briefing room immediately” Cabot announced to all rooms.

“Whatever this is boss” Abe said, half asleep “Better be worth waking me up at 3 AM.”

All of the hunters were waiting in the briefing room for 2 more people. 10 minutes later Markov and Val walked into the room with a huge smile on their face, a huge hickey covered the right side of Markov’s neck. Hyde saw this and immediately pushed Markov against the wall.

“WHAT THE FUCK WHERE YOU TWO DOING?!!” Hyde said, furiated with Markov. He was about to throw a punch, but then a broken shield drone that Sunny put down on a desk next to them beamed out to Markov, blocking the punch that that Hyde was about to land on him. “AY!! SUNNY TURN OFF THAT FACKEN SHIELD DRONE WILL YA?!”

“Well, Atleast I know the drone works now.” Sunny whispered.

Caira chuckled next to her.

Lazarus stepped inbetween the two.

“Hey, if you want to punch him you have to get though me first.” Lazarus shouted with a stern voice. “Then none of you are coming back to life!”

Lennox stepped in the way of the men and dragged them both away from each other. She then walked to stand next to Jack.

“Hey Jack fix your eyebrows please.” Lennox let out a sigh while saying that.

“Nice job back there mom” Jack commended a little too loudly then he should have.

“Mom?!” Griffin asked quickly.

Anyway” Cabot shouted before any of them could react “The reason that I brought you here is to tell you all about a new threat. Something that we have never seen before. Nobody except Slim.”

All of the hunters remembered the conversations that they had while eating lunch some time ago.

Parnell put up the pictures on a projector.

“It’s a generation 1 Basilisk soldier.” “If you don’t know already, they have all failed and were MIA.”

“Until now” “They have been reported by several colonies. Guild calls it ‘The Gorgon Cometh’.”

All the hunters were whispering to each other about this new rogue monster.

“We are 100,000 miles from the latest distress call on these things” Bucket reported.

“Alright people, Crow, Slim, Parnell and I will suit up and enter from the south region.
Maggie, Hyde, Caira, Hank go from the west…”

###The centre team 20 minutes after drop off…

“Ssshhhh. You hear that? Spike’s got it through this wall…” Griffin quietly stated. “Sunny, press the priority button now…”

They were all grouped up and Val popped a heal burst to top everyone off.

Then suddenly…

“BLAST! ITS GOT ME!!” Torvald screamed (it was a very manly scream though :smirk:)

The team started firing at the Gorgon and Griffin shouted at Sunny to inform that they were engaging the monster.

And suddenly, a spider minion carried Val into the darkness…

“VAL NO!!!” Sunny screeched “All teams… Val is dead, I repeat, our medic is gone.”

As Sunny was climbing up on a rock to place down a drone, she was met with… Another Gorgon? This minion blasted Torvald and Griffin, Torvald was dead and Griffin said his last words “Find the teams… go.”

“NOOOOOO!!!” Sunny sat on her knees next to the bodies, crying as she gave herself up. The Gorgon let out a mighty roar to signify dominance. But just as it was about to finish her off, she heard a beam reaching out to the front of the monster.

A green beam stopping it from moving.

Followed by a loud BOOM!! in the ground and AA gun fire.

Followed by the noise of very familiar sentry guns.

And EMET was definately the most excited.

“Sunny, I am EMET, your personal emergency medical evacuation technician” EMET said “Can you fight?”

“I don’t know if I can Emet.” Sunny replied


Good old EMET, Sunny thought, she was then met with the intelligent voice of Bucket.

“Hello Sunny. Don’t mind that stupid Vok class. He hardly has a fraction of the amount of programming that I have. We were staying in the ship for a reason, just incase situations like this occur.” “So, you going to get up or not?”

Sunny lifted herself up with the help of Bucket, and she headed to the South team which was 5 miles away from the attack…

5 minutes later they crossed paths. Sunny told them all about the attack and there teams death. Unfortunately Sunny couldn’t fight, but she charged there jet packs up so they could get there faster. “Good luck!” Sunny shouted. The Laurie-Ann swooped around her and picked her up. She immediately went to bed.

The South team were coming in, and they met the East team leading the charge.

Then suddenly a ghost like figure popped out of no where, 2 seconds later Crow dissapeared into the darkness…

Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread
Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread

Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread
Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread

bucket and emet have a fight
emet: you monster you ran away when we were dying
bucket: yes its what I do I run if thing take a turn for the worse
emet slaps bucket
bucket:oh no you didn’t
bucket:slaps emet
emet:(staticy sounds) ill rip out your wires and tangle them up till you lose power
bucket: hmm well lets see about that (points the guided missle at emet)
to be continued


The Laurie-Anne was a loud ship. Not as deafening as the Ajax, but it shook more. Although, it had become somewhat more welcoming. And it was reassuring that there would never be a live Monster on the ship, as long as the Lazarus Man didn’t have his way.

I could tell Sunny was watching me, from across the jump bay on the other side of the EMET drone, like she often does while my thoughts are elsewhere. Continuing to kneel down I kept tightening the bolt on the upper right side of my left leg. It was tight, but I won’t let a malfunction in my body cost us a battle with the Monster. Especially not my Monster, if we find it.

My body… My body is broken. And somehow sturdier and stronger than ever. I do not worry about people here judging me; everyone on this ship has something to be ashamed of. But like me, it makes them stronger. It helps them survive. It-


I almost jolted, when Maggie barked my name. though I’ve grown used to being surprised. Sudden movements can cause unnecessary pain when the metal frame presses against my muscle, and what bones I have left.

“Bucket says we’re getting close now,” she continued, her gaze as serious as her tone. “Make sure you have your wits about you, we need to make this quick. This Goliath hasn’t had time to grow, but a Behemoth was spotted to the North, and more Monsters keep popping up on the radar.”

Now they were all staring at me, even the mindless insane robot that was somehow in charge of keeping us alive, and the shield drone on Sunny’s arm. As though I was expected to inspire hope in them. Hope. If I have any hope left, it is for them… I keep none for myself.

The joints in my legs creaked loudly as I stood to answer, “We’ll be fast and efficient. We’ll bring death to every Monster we encounter.”

I did not intend to sound inspirational, but they reacted as though I had. Sunny flashed a bright smile, “I have all of your backs, and so does Drone 8-13!!!”

The EMET drone mimicked Sunny’s enthusiasm, “I am excited to help my teammates!!!” He almost looked as though he could actually be excited.

Only Maggie seemed to know the reality of the situation, and appreciate it for what it was, for all she responded with was a grave nod. She knows we might not ever come back to this ship. We could be leaping to our utter destruction, and only her and I are prepared for the worst. I enjoy Sunny’s company, she is kind, and has a good heart. She repaired my body when she found me.

But I have true respect for Maggie. She left behind a ruined world, and survived. I know she hates herself for it, as I do for surviving the destruction of the Ajax. Neither of us will rest until we have our vengeance, we may be here saving colonists, but we fight for our own peace of mind. Only mine will be won when I find my Monster; she won’t be at peace until they are all eradicated.

A slight lurch signified that the ship had come to a halt. Bursts of cold air filled the chamber as the large hatch unsealed, and slowly opened. The temperature of the jump bay dropped, causing the skin that meets the metal of my torso to feel instantly chilled. The light hit me in the face, blinding me temporarily until my eyes adjusted. I stared hard at the forest below us, but saw no movement.

Sunny laughed, “I’ll see you all on the ground!!!” she said before leaping out of the ship.

“Wait for me, you might need medical attention!!!” the drone called out, jumping after her.

Maggie glanced at me. “Torvald,” she said, “we need you down there. We need to live through this. And if you want to talk when we get back, we can anytime. I know that look in your eye, believe me. But now isn’t the time.”

She was stern, but reassuring. I nodded, “Thank you Maggie.”

I pulled out my shot gun, and gripped it tightly. She signaled to Daisy, and they both bounded out of the Laurie-Anne together, instantly vanishing from my view.

And I was alone.

As the wind howled underneath the ship, and the engines roared, I knew I would never leave Shear. But with my help, maybe some of the others will. Maybe we can make a difference on this desolate world.

“TO DEATH AND DOOM!!!” I bellowed as loud as I could, charging off of the ship and into the light.

But who’s death do I bring? Perhaps we all brought our own doom to this world. Maybe we doomed this world…

Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread
Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread

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[Planet: Tylith]
[Time: 13:00 hours]

Faster; C’mon you fat shit, go faster!” Abe groaned as he ran. He had made a habit of talking to himself while bounty hunting. He didn’t have Parnell to tell him to pick up the pace, so he substituted his own motivation in.

Dont let another one get away, Abe.” he told himself.

The terrain was rocky. In fact the whole planet is rock; with a few patches of dirt here and there. Pillars of stone and rubble coverthe surface of Tylith. There isn’t one flat area on the small, red planet. You could easily trip on a pebble and fall into a fissure,
plumeting miles before you’re crushed on the cold rocky interior of Tylith. The stone under Abe carried the sound of his boots for a couple hundred feet. It would be hard finding his bounty in this place.

He’s got to be close. He couldn’t have run off too far with this terrain.” Abe told himself.

He found a crevice between two collapsed structures and squeezed in. The tunnel was cramped, but this was no where near as bad as the other things Abe had been through. Abe turned on his light. As he went deeper, it became harder and harder to see, as if the walls were stealing the light. The tunnel gradually opened up. Soon, Abe was standing, and seconds later, he was clinging to the wall over looking a ravine. Apparently he wasn’t as deep as he thought, for a few rays of light shine through cracks in the ceiling.

Alright Abe, you can do this. Ain’t nothin to be afraid of. It’s only a bottomless pit.” he said to himself. Although his voice was quiet, Abe’s reassuring monolouge echoed loudly throughout the cavern. As Abe skirted along the edge of the ravine, small chunks of rock broke at his feet at fell. He felt himself slip, but caught his footing. “Jesus, shit

He made his way around a corner to where there was enough room to stand properly. He took a moment to catch his breath. Then, a yell. It was faint but Abe could tell the direction. He started running towards the sound. The cries became louder and louder as Abe ran, echoing through the cavern. As Abe approached the room, he cautiously peeked his head around the corner. His eyes widened as he saw his bounty fighting off three Tylian Reapers. The creatures were to the effect of giant insects; scorpions specifically, but with no stingers, and about the size of a large dog.

Hey Motherfucker!” Abe yelled. The man looked up with hope in his eyes, as if he was being saved. “CATCH” Abe threw a Stasis Grenade in the middle of the Reapers. He yelled as he charged in, firing his Custom Shotgun and taking out one of the creatures after emptying his clip. The man took advantage of the impaired Reapers and jumped at the closest one with his knife. The blade pierced the Reapers exoskeleton and sunk into its brain. As the man struggled to pull his knife out of the Reaper at his feet, the last one jumped on him, slashing wildly for the kill. The man covered his face in desperation when suddenly the Reaper fell to the floor, dead. The barrel of Abe’s shotgun smoked as he adjusted his hat. He walked over to the man and held his hand out. The man hesitated, then took it. As he did, Abe caught him with a left hook and the man hit the floor, out cold.

Alright, tough guy” Abe grinned, “Lets get you back to HUB.


Quiet As A Grave

The battle had been a failure. Hundreds dead, with minimal impact to the enemy. He had known it was, before they’d even briefed him. Why else would he be deployed?

Ðorde crept quietly through the clearing. The base had belonged to Sol Guard, but now it was in the hands of the Basilisk Soldiers. Hub had sent Chemtroopers to reclaim it of course, but they had been hunted and slaughtered by their opponents.

He edged up to a corner and peeked around, allowing only a single eye to pass around the edge. No guard, not that he’d been expecting one. The enemy had lost the capability for such tactics when they had abandoned their humanity. Even so, he took care to stay in the blind spots of the security camera motions.

He walked down the hallway, his padded boots not making a sound and his mask silencing the sound of his breathing. he checked the display on his arm, noting the closest biometric beacons from the fallen Chemtroopers.

As Ðorde approached the end of the hallway, a silent alert chimed in his ear piece. His attention flicked to the proximity alert on his ocular display. One contact, moving towards him. Assessment marked a hallway as the entrance point of the threat.

He briefly argued with himself about the best course of action. It would be more permanent to simply put a few shots into its skull and continue on. On the other hand, this was a Sol Guard base and would be outfitted with firearm alerts. If any Basilisk soldiers were in the security center, and he couldn’t be sure there weren’t, they would see the alert and raise an alarm.

As the contact rounded the corner he made up his mind and activated his personal cloak. The Basilisk Soldier paused for a moment, staring at the empty hallway. It sniffed suspiciously, narrowing the eyes that had the requisite anatomy. Ðorde edged quietly around it, taking care not to brush against its massive frame. His hand brushed against his combat knife, briefly contemplating the weaknesses in its anatomy. He shook his head and moved onward, careful that in is haste he did not sacrifice stealth.

Once he rounded the corner, checking that the contact hadn’t followed him and that he was not in view of any cameras, Ðorde deactivated his cloak. By his estimate, if he activated it again now he would have five more seconds left. He silently chastised himself for his sloppiness and moved on.

The next several minutes saw him navigate a series of twists and turns, following his map of the compound and the beacons of the fallen soldiers. Soon he found himself at what had once been a storage room, but the destruction of its roof and part of a wall had made into an artificial clearing.

He looked over the area with a trained eye. Besides the rubble, he saw the bodies of several Chemtroopers. They were notable, but not the most important feature. A Basilisk Soldier stood on top of the ruined wall, seemingly standing guard. This notion was reinforced by the gun it clutched in one hand cartoonishly small for such a figure.

That wasn’t a problem. All the cameras in this area had been destroyed and the figure appeared alone. He raised his silenced sniper rifle to his shoulder and placed its head in the scope. He paused for a moment, sliding his finger into the trigger guard and holding his breath to steady his aim.

Before he could pull the trigger he heard a noise nearby. He lowered the gun and reassessed the room. There. Halfway across the room there was a second one, hidden at first by the rubble. He examined the obstacle, then discounted it. There was no clear shot.

He was hidden for the moment, but he had no way to eliminate both soldiers. His cloak would let him get to both, but one would see him when he eliminated the other. As he contemplated, a thought struck him. The answer was not one or the other, but both.

He quietly bent down to grab a rock from the ground, then hurtled it into the darkness opposite both soldiers. The stone clattered, causing both to turn to look. As they were distracted, he reaimed at the soldier on the wall and fired. A pair of shots caught him in the throat, the armor piercing rounds nearly decapitating him.

The force of the shots sent it tumbling back over the wall, out of sight of the one on the ground. The thud caught its attention, causing it to spin in search of the second noise. Ðorde took the opportunity to sneak around the rubble to get a shot, activating his cloak as he did so. The remaining soldier let out a series of broken noises as it hefted its gun. Ðorde had heard these noises before, almost always from hose coherent enough to try and use guns. They were the sounds of a man trying to speak but lacking the anatomy to do so.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when his boot slipped on some rubble, causing him to stumble. The soldier’s head snapped to look at him. He cursed as he realized the dust thrown up by the clumsy movement was distorting the cloaks display of the area behind him.

The soldier let out another broken noise as it raised its gun. Ðorde was faster. A trio of shots impacted its misshapen head, blasting its brain onto the wall. Ðorde cursed his mistake as he reloaded.

He moved to the Chemtrooper corpse and examined it. The Basilisk Soldier hadn’t given it so much as a glance, which was exactly the point. He put his rifle away and began to charge his glove. Normally this wouldn’t work, but these Chemtroopers had been dosed with a series of preservation nano-machines before the op.

He pulled the trooper’s filter mask off his face as the glove finished charging. “Arise” he whispered. The glove’s energies jolted through the corpse, briefly illuminating the delicate nervous structure as it traveled to the brain.

The trooper jolted to life, only to find his shout of pain and confusion muffled by the steely hand that clamped itself over his mouth. His eyes, filled with confusion, pain, and terror met with the cold grey ones peering over a mask at him. The figure silently raised a finger of its other hand before its face in a ‘shhh’ motion. He quickly nodded and the figure released his face, tossing him his filter mask.

Ðorde rose and moved to the next corpse. “What-” the trooper began to ask, only to be cut off by the glare he shot over his soldier. He repeated the action with the rest of the troopers in the room until a half dozen reanimated Chemtroopers stood before him.

One of them, a massive man with a knife scar across his brow meekly raised his hand like a schoolchild. Ðorde flipped the switch on the side of his mask, unmuting external sound. “What?” he asked coldly. The trooper gulped. “What- Who are you?”

Ðorde chuckled, causing a few to step back. “I am the antithesis of death. When the lights dim, it is I who swoop in to bring you back.” His dramatic speech was cut off by a chime n his ear piece. He turned around, remuting external sound. “What is it?” he asked. “This is Command. Have you secured your objective?” “This is Lazarus 27. I have secured six Chemtroopers.” “Excellent,” came the reply, “This makes a total of 87% of forces recovered. Are they ready to fight?”

Without looking back Ðorde activated his healing burst to repair the damage his Lazarus device did not repair, hearing their gasps as their previously fatal wounds mended. “Of course.” “Good. There are now 392 Chemtroopers, thought dead by the enemy, within that facility. Take it back.” He nodded. “Of course. Lazarus 27 out.”

He turned back to the Chemtroopers, unmuting his vice. “Come with me.” They glanced at each other uncertainly but moved to follow. “Excuse me sir?” one asked. Beneath his mask Ðorde smirked. He hadn’t even told them his rank. “What are we doing?” He shot a look over his shoulder. “I have already undone the work of the reaper many times today. It’s time to balance the scales.”

Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread

2 posts were merged into an existing topic: Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread

Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread

I’m stuck in my thoughts. My thoughts and a cramped crevasse with a psychotic Vok-Class bot. The space is small, suffocating, and reeks of blood and oil. It’s large enough for me and my brain child to climb in and out but small enough that anything larger than a Reaver will find its way in.

10 dead. 8 missing in action. Only The Jackal and his trusty sidekick EMET have esca - No this is too serious for my Jackal crap. I have to re-run this in my head. Kala is alive but she seems to have lost control. EMET; by my side. Me; still intact for now…My mother…she can’t be dead.

Sunny… Dead… I hold back tears. Torvald is MIA. He never liked me much but I still hope he is alive. Crow - Well he’s Crow, he’s definitely alive. Slim is dead. He died with a fight, but he is gone, a friend. The Jackal has no friends now.

Cabot is dead. The only leader I’ve ever really had and he didn’t even die valiantly. Just scattered in the dust with his own blood and burnt flesh. Caira, she escaped fortunately, but I don’t think she made it far and she is probably hiding like me. Abe, he got away but I never liked him much so what does it matter. Parnell, last time I saw him he was alive but he wasn’t far from fate so I assume he met it.

Griffin and Hyde…Dead. I bite back the moans and sobs clawing at my vocal cords. Lazarus is alive but he couldn’t save many and I don’t know where he is now and I don’t expect him to find me. Bucket is technically alive but his chassis is gone. Every once in a while he will find his way into my radio and try to communicate. “Jack! Are you O-_@!##*&%- find you!” He never finishes.

Val, Hank, and Markov. I am most broken by Markov’s death because he was sincere enough to humor me. At least he went down as a hero. But The Jackal is brave and… Ugh, I don’t need any humoring now. Maggie did what she did best survived. As far as I know she abandoned us and left with her dog. She probably couldn’t have done much anyway.

So here I am snugly fit into a hole in the wall, feeling terrible because I know no fear as ‘The Jackal’ but I could only save myself and my things.

"EMET I “EMET! Wake up. It’s time to go.”

I immediately regret my decision to yell to him considering our close proximity and there’s no reason for him to be asleep. His response was in vein and probably made things worse,


A ominous, bloodcurdling, chilling voice came from around the corner. It was loud enough to detect and quiet enough to send shivers down my spine. Even more terrifying the voice was familiar… and feminine

“Don’t fret child. It’s good that you were smart enough to get away for this long. It means I get to save the best flesh for last.”

A horrific hand I knew all to well crept into our hiding spot and dragged me and EMET out into the baking sun. The beast in front of me was something I had never seen but I knew who it was and I knew it meant my story was coming to a close.

19 dead. One very, very alive.


A Dark Day
Jack woke up once again in the middle of the night he had another nightmare of him finding his mom’s dead body
E.M.E.T: Jack did you have another nightmare?
Jack: No the jackel is fearless he has no nightmares as he fears nothing!
E.M.E.T: static I-I know you are lying stop lying you piece of shit! gasp I did not mean that O-OH yes I did!
Jack: its ok E.M.E.T yes I had another nightmare of mom dying
E.M.E.T: Do I need to get some more medicine for it? I am willing to help my friend
Jack: no i’m ok we need to get moving anyways remember there is something following us not sure what it is yet though
E.M.E.T: my research shows that the sound it seems to make is unknown no monster has the feet design either
Jack: whatever it is it is not friendly it wants to eat me! just like megamouths!
E.M.E.T: but I am here to help! I will not let it eat you a-a-a-And if it tries I will shove a missile up its ass and blow it to hell!
Jack: thanks E.M.E.T lets get going
E.M.E.T: ok
*after some time of walking
Jack: lets make a camp here and rest
E.M.E.T: you lazy piece of shit! if you don’t want to be eaten the we need to keep moving! eep!
Jack: we will be fine here for the rest of the night
sniff sniff
Jack: E.M.E.T is your demon core trying to scare me again?
E.M.E.T: NO asshole now go to sleep ep-ep-ep no it is not but I have not heard anything so try to get some sleep
Jack: I am not kidding E.M.E.T I heard something sniffing! here I will send out a survey satellite
E.M.E.T: see nothing
beep beep!
Jack: it found something and it’s coming right towards us run!
E.M.E.T: oh no the monster!
Strider: rrr rrr!
Jack: oh it is just a strider
Gorgon: raaa!
Jack: that is not a strider! it just ate one though! run!
Jack: and that is how we ended up here we just ran and hid in a building and you guys dropped in and killed the thing then we asked cabot if we could join!
E.M.E.T: I am a reliable robot!
Jack: haha yes you are E.M.E.T
E.M.E.T: Yay!

Your first post (Forum time with Max)


White flakes slowly fluttered down from the sky, as if challenging butterfly wings for grace upon their descent. One might think they were the telltale signs of a first tranquil snowfall, were it not for the intense heat in the air and the acrid black smoke choking the light out of the sky, putting out the eye of the rising sun. The pieces of debris slowly rained down upon a figure doubled-over on the ground, her chocolate skin coated in a thin layer of grey and white ash that stuck to the blood and sweat, marring her clothes and flesh.

Her eyes were shut tightly, and forcibly so, yet the well of water behind them seemed to force its way through, squeezing out in shear defiance of the eyelids trying desperately to hold them back. The slow stream of tears ran down her nose, to the outer curve of her nostril, before plunging with a soft sound onto the ground. For a few minutes it was the only sound she heard, and it was welcomed compared to the sounds of metal screaming, people wailing, and a certain creature bellowing as it belched an inferno that shot the lives out of all it touched. She breathed in deep, then held back a cough in response to the sudden rushing-in of cinders.

She held the back of her hand to her mouth as she fought her body to move, one heavy, pained limb at a time. Like a creature coming out of a long hibernation she rose up, opening her glistening wet eyes once again to the devastation and silence around her. She slung the maimed, empty machine pistol over her shoulder, seeing what was left of the street that was now covered in extinguished fragments of Factor…an overturned ATV with a claw-shredded tire, pot-holes that marked the footfalls of the beast, the half-broken Tyrant’s Head Tavern sign…she started to walk…mortar and slag and brick as far as her eyes could see. One of the liveliest, dankest back alleys of Factor, bustling with all manner of dregs, scoundrels and gamblers, now more soundless than the slow drip of blood casually falling from her fingertips. All of the shattered glass of the building remnants was greyed-out from soot, and from the haze of smoke she could see the rigamortic limbs of the civilians crying out for - she looked away.

“Daisy,” she choked, the words tumbling back into her throat along with the raw taste of the buildings. She kept walking, feeling for the necklace that used to hang around her neck. The spot was bare now, her chest badly scourged. She blinked hard, a flash of memory sparking behind her eyes…

The monster lashed out from it’s horrible fire-frothy maw, the jagged tips of it’s tongue flaying against her chest but for a moment, ripping the fang necklace away along with a portion of skin. Her machine pistol fired it’s last two rounds and clicked spent, as the beast growled, like a mountain vibrating a cruel laugh, ready for a final balled-up charge. But before it could engage, the trapjaw snapped and leapt-

“Ruva!” her desperate voice reached out as if the sound itself was a hand that could prevent what she foresaw would happen next…but she knew as the call rang out that it was hopeless…it would go unanswered.

…The sweat of her skin stung her eyes more-so than the caustic fog. Someplace nearby a small fire was still burning, as she could hear the crackling spit of it in the air. She felt for her outer pants pocket, and could feel the single fang still tucked away within it from the necklace she once wore. She was close now.

Maggie tried to ignore the massacred world around her, and yet she was a part of it…swallowed up by it. Factor had become another kind of monster now, perhaps more brutal in its harrowing death than in its rough life. For the wasteland of human chaff that it was, it was still her home. It tainted her, it wounded her, yet it was still…family, in a wretched, saddening kind of way.

She walked until her ankles became tender from odd-stepping over scorched chunks of uneven ground, until she reached the place she was heading for before exhaustion took her during the night. Through what used to be a small nook of a lop-sided doorway but now was a missing, gutted wall, she paused. A hot wind caressed her back, as if lulling her forward to go inside. She begrudgingly obeyed, and stepped ever so carefully around the seedy little place she used to know as…she closed her eyes and was glad for the ash soaking up her tears.

There was nothing left but charred overturned chairs, some burnt and torn effects, old tarnished pots and pans, the last vestiges of a life that used to be. It was now as lifeless as the corpses strewn about outside. She turned to go. Her foot lightly struck against something stuffed under a threadbare carpet. She bent to pluck it up and slid her hand across the grimy wood of the box, streaking slightly her own blood over it as she revealed a photograph beneath the ash. She couldn’t help but allow her vision once again to become waves of fluid blurring out the faces of the photo…

“Seems a bit silly though, don’t you think?” Maggie smirked to the red-haired girl sitting next to her, her hands working at threading a bead and making a knot in the string in her lap.

“No way,” the girl replied, with a rather animated flick of her hair. “Mags, only you could come up with something this cool. We’re gonna be bad-ass! I don’t even know how you managed to get Blitz fangs.”

“Just luck, I guess.” Maggie responded, with a knowing glance.

Another girl sitting with them fastened on her own handiwork, doing the clasps behind her neck with overly extreme lightness so as not to rake the fangs across her perfectly pale skin. “Ain’t nobody gonna mess with us Trapjaw girls now.”

The red-haired girl struck Maggie on the shoulder and laughed, then raised her hands to her own neck, showcasing the fang necklace she had just finished. She narrowed her eyes seductively, “Am I bad-ass sexy now, or what?”

“Or what,” Maggie said sarcastically, and the others both laughed along with her.

…She touched the lid of the box and lifted it with her thumb. Inside rested the two other Blitz fang necklaces, seemingly untouched by the ruin around them. Her eyes half-closed as she let herself lose balance, her back slamming against a wall, then allowing gravity to slink her down to the floor. She grimaced from the pain and squeezed her eyes shut. Her mouth opened as if in a slow scream, but no sound issued forth from her quaking lungs. The white of her teeth stood out against the murky haze and she gasped for breath, but holding back into herself that sound that she so wanted to tear into the excruciating, persistent silence clawing at her from all sides.

She sat cross-legged with the box in her lap, pushing aside the remains of the butchered building and pulling out of her pocket the single remaining fang from the necklace rent away from her the night before. There she sat, knuckles working against aching joints covered in blood, making the two necklaces one with the single fang she had of her own.

Once she finished it, she slid it up behind her neck stoically, affixing it and staring blankly out in front of her. Her physical injuries she could feel as throbbing pulses beneath her skin, the slightest breeze revealing to her the patches freshly bleeding…but they had no bite compared to the wounds within. The ravaged surroundings appeared as if an old black and white film playing around her on a monumental, planet-wide scale, and she sat there for minutes or hours, putting away her hunger and her soreness…until there appeared a hobbled form out in the smoke.

She blinked, her breath halting mid-inhale, instantly re-aware of her surroundings but moving not. Inside her chest her heart jumped into readiness. She could feel the twinge of her tendons tightening as her pulse quickened…but she let the dust settle in her hair and lightly continue to coat her body, watching the shadow approach. It was too small to be the beast, but too big to be a human. It was moving with a purpose. The rubble cascaded beneath its feet when it staggered along. It hobbled and limped, stopping here and there to…sniff at the ground.

“Ruva?” Maggie whispered, so quietly she didn’t even hear the word herself.

It seemed as if for a brief second of time existence itself froze. Then all in a burst of feeble speed the form in the mist became visible…first the spikes atop its back, and then the toothy grin, beefy chest, and salivating tongue. Maggie moved forward up on her knees to capture Daisy as the massive animal gallumped right into her, the bruised body convulsing in wiggle-spasms despite the obvious afflictions it had suffered. Maggie could do nothing more but hold her arms tightly around the trapjaw’s jowls as Daisy sought out her face to thoroughly lick off every last bit of dirt and sorrow.

But the monster’s blustering roar broke their embrace. It reverberated from afar off and shook the embers in the air. It was yet still able to shake them to their core even from miles away…they could feel it echo into their bones.

“You and me, Daisy. We’re gonna hunt that thing.” She stood up, and the trapjaw went immediately to her side, sat as best she could with a badly twisted leg, and looked up to her, sucking its lolling tongue back into its mouth. When she spoke again it was deeper, her words harder than the trapjaw had ever heard them spoken before.

“It might have killed everyone else, but it didn’t count on us being here. It should have killed us when it had the chance…it won’t get a second one.”


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Journal of !@3##
Day 1 after they came:

Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread

At the command room on the Laurie-Ann

Cabot: Hello everyone, we will start in a few minutes

Kala alone in the corner looking around

Abe: Who is that, monster?
Caira: I don’t know, and I don’t enjoy it being here
But I bet we will find out very soon
Abe: I can’t believe Cabot allowed a monster aboard this ship
Caira: I can’t believe it either, for all we could know, she could claw everyone up with that hand
Abe: You know, you don’t know about her life story and backround, maybe she is nice… maybe she was forced
Caira: Forced to do what? inject monster shit inside her!
Abe: You don’t know, I don’t know, nobody knows except cabot and that girl
Caira: I just don’t understand why Cabot would do that, I thought he was a good leader

On the other corner with the Assault team

Markov: Look at the tiny girl, harmless, lonely, sad
Parnell: Are you crazy! she is part monster
Markov: Monster are not scary, they are scared of me!
Hyde: Oi, I think the Vodka is getting inside is little noggin
Markov: What are you talking about, we are out of Vodka, Whiskey is what it is!
Torvald: She is no monster, but a lost girl

The third corner, Supports Including Jack and Lenny

Sunny: OOHH a new hunter, wait what! Is that a Kraken/Wraith’s hand
Hank: I believe it is young lady!
Jack: Ohh monster, pew pew pew
Lennox: Respect her guys, she is the same as all of us… If she is hear to fight the monsters, she belongs here
Bucket: I can’t help to notice that she can form Kraken’s banshee mines with her hand, I saw it earlier

Cabot speaks

Hello everyone, I would like to start this meeting with an introduction to our new hunter to join our team, Dr. Kala Kapur!

Silence with staring

Kala steps up and waves her Kraken hand

Everyone backs away except Markov and Hyde

Cabot: Don’t be afraid, I did a backround check and she checks out
Caira: She is a monster, she is not US!
Cabot: she is us, she wanted to understand the monsters better, to help us, to help the planet of SHEAR!
I respect her and all of you should too! I saw that you guys were having trouble with defeating the monster lately, especially Kraken, so why not fight a Kraken with a Kraken…

Kala is shocked and looks and Cabot

Cabot: I apologize, I didn’t mean it like that
Kala: In a dark voice I know, its ok
Cabot: Her abilities are beyond any of yours, she has the monsters abilities, but reformed
Kala: I can produce banshee mines with my hand, I can reduce armor with my hand, I can teleport you out of trouble, I AM HERE TO HELP…
Markov: Markov understands


Except Caira

Cabot: Caira be nice!

Caira walks out

Cabot: I am sorry Kala
Kala: No its alright, people need to get used to it, hopefully she will undertand
Cabot: I hope too
Kala: why is the ship called the Laurie-Ann?
Cabot: tears up
Kala: I am sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you
Cabot: No no, you didn’t know
Bucket: Its Cabot’s wife, a tragedy
Kala: I am so sorry
Cabot: I am sorry too, there was nothing I could do

Silence erupts

Cabot: WE DROP IN 5!

Everyone exits, except Kala


journal of !@#!#
day 1 after they came: It was late at night finishing up my book report when all of a sudden there was a explosion then i passed out. When I woke up my father was over i could barely hear, and my head hurt plus i couldn’t feel my right arm. The ringing in my ears slowly started to stop and i heard my father say"WAKE UP!". When i got up my hole body was in pain especially where my arm was. I said “where’s mom!?” “she’s gone !@$#!” " gone gone where?" all of a sudden this thing made of nightmares came out of no where, my father suddenly picked me up over his shoulder and started to head to the evacuation pod. It was at that moment i saw what that thing could do. Full grown men crying, family’s running away, and tens of E.M.E.T. bots trying to help. We were nearly there when we fell. When i looked over to my father he was being lifted up screaming at the top of his lungs and in a instant he got eaten in half! Then when the monster was distracted by one of the city guards firing at it. Then a E.M.E.T. picked me up and strapped a cell repair patch on me carrying me to the evacuation while i was screaming and crying "WHY!?"
day 3 after they came: last log:
I’ve been recovering since that day emotionally and physically? The camp gave me a low model right arm but i could still easily modify it. The people in the camps called these things monsters like the Goliath which is the one that took my fathers life. I’ve been hearing over the communications of the soldiers running the compound heard that these monster are gaining ground and fast. So i decided to stock pile as man rations, equipment, and weapons as i can and get out of there.
month 7 after they came my final log:
It has been rough surviving in this forgiving monster infested world. Sadly I missed the drop ship off this burning rock, but I managed to survive this far and so did those hunters i’m assuming from those Goliath carcasses i found yesterday, and I decided that i got to stop hiding waiting till the day die. I am going to find those who are fighting these monsters and get off the rock I am going to live!

well i reader i hope you like my story of a survivor of shear who lost everything.

Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread

The war to come

~Slim and Kala are in the lunch room of the ship, in the early hours of the morning, not able to sleep after what they had experienced~

Slim: Do you think we’ll ever run into that thing again?

Kala: Most likely, I could see into its very being, it’s mind, it was set on us.

Slim: Set on us? Like…

Kala: It wanted us.

Slim: In what way?

Kala: To eat us.

Slim: Right, obviously, you just made it seem like it wanted to do something other than brutally dismember us and feast on our corpses.

Kala: No, it wanted nothing more than to see us gone…one way or the other.

Kala: why can’t you sleep?

Slim: that thing…I’ve never seen anything like it. The war I experienced before all this, it was…horrifying. That thing isn’t like any of the other monsters and I thought Gorgon was bad.

Kala: I’ve seen that monster before, but only from top secret files. It’s the only monster we haven’t gotten a live sample from.

Slim: You knew about that creature and you didn’t bother to tell us? Why?!

Kala: keep your voice down, you’ll wake everyone up.

Slim: Screw that, if we had at least known what it looked like, we wouldn’t have been paralysed by fear at the sight of it. We had to call in an emergency evacuation and watch as it destroyed the power relay WE were supposed to defend. Why Kala?

Kala: I didn’t think we would run into it so suddenly. I sensed its presence but I didn’t want to alarm any of you, I just wanted us to focus. We were hunting a stage one Gorgon…not…that creature. I’m sorry, I’ve still not fully grasped my abilities. I didn’t want it to turn out to be a false alarm and waste out time, I wasn’t certain.

Slim: slim sighs as it echoes around the lunch room, the dead silence of space

Slim: I can’t get it out of my head, it’s face, its…MOUTH, that gaping…massive mouth. And why did it walk like that? Things were…spilling from the side of it…

Kala: we NEED a live sample if we want to figure out what this creature can do, and maybe…

Slim: NO, don’t even think about it, you’ve gone far enough. We need you Kala, you understand the monsters like we never will. We ca- I can’t…let you get out of control.

Kala: staring down at her mutated claw

Slim: you’re like me, you volunteered to change yourself to become stronger, to fight in this war between human and monster, no matter the cost. Well I suffered the costs of allowing myself to become this “Bug man”…and I lost everything. I don’t want the same to happen to you Kala.

Kala: I don’t care anymore. What I’ve done to myself. if I can get stronger at the costs of losing my humanity, so be it. If I lose control and you guys deal with me as you would a monster, so be it.

Slim: You remind me of me back when I was still…human. I don’t even remember my name beyond that. All I know is that I was human…then I was a soldier. And I lost…so much. This war…this war that’s coming, with you on our side, we’ll be ready.

Kala: how can you be so sure? In the end, I may not be much use. I know the monsters world but I cannot conquer it, not by myself. They will most likely take control…what if-

Slim: STOP, stop thinking like that. You’re not just a tool, you’re a living, breathing member of this team. And I value you more than anyone here. The rest are just a bunch of assholes, not you.

Kala: All of them?

Slim: well, not all of them, Sunny’s alright and crow understand me more than the rest.

Kala: I understand you, Slim. I will fight with you till the end.

Slim: right back at 'cha Kala

Kala: that creature, that MONSTER.

Slim: looks away slightly what about it?

Kala: we shot some of the smaller creatures it spawned, before we evacuated.

Slim: yeah, those things were like demons…not as nasty as the beast itself but still. What about them?

Kala: I witnessed the beast bring them back to life. It used some sort of fluid, originating from the large cavity in its…body.

Slim: What?! So it’s true, they take from us…what we can do. And now…we’ve taken from them makes eye contact with Kala

Kala: I’ll try my best Slim, but there are no garuentees that my abilities will help put an end to this, or just prolong the inevitable…

Slim: I believe in you Kala, the others might not show it but with you’re help, that things going down.

Kala: Thank you

Slim: you said it didn’t have a name?

Kala: Correct.

Slim: got any ideas yet?

Kala: yes…I do.

Slim: so, spill it.

kala: makes eye contact with slim “Host”