Write an Evolve Short Story Discussion Thread


Oh man I’m excited to extend my story even more when I wake up!

Goodnights peoples! :sleeping:


@Terry_Locke please comment all non stories here.

What character do you want to write about?


Would we have to tone down Emet’s dialogue due to forum rules?


Alright, thanks for telling me. And I was looking more for general lore, as I’ve read the available backstories. It’s not absolutely vital, but I was wondering if there was a thread I could look into for different factions or science stuff to lean on.


Maybe, as long as it isn’t sexual you should be fine


Here are some links Evolve Timeline/Lore/Info Megathread The Basilisk Rebellion, the Mutagen Wars, and Slim


Thank you!


@ToiletWraith I answered his question and linked somethings here. Can you remove those posts?


Come again?


You know, merge it over?


Thinking about giving this a try. Could you provide links to some important lore?



Ah, sorry, half asleep :smiley:


If what you wish to write is Emet-ish dialog, you can always put what he says into a spoiler so it’s blurred but still there with a click.


Looks interesting, I think i’ll be enetering a submission. This could be fun, let’s hope all those writting classes paid off .


Looks like we’re going to one submission only. Sorry @10shredder00.


That’s fine then, I’ll just have to try my best to write one very good story then :slightly_smiling:


How do you do a spoiler


Just finished my story. Took me about an hour


To put spoilers in your post, {spoiler} TEXT HERE {/spoiler}
Change { } to [ ].

This is it