Wrist Bands : Who do I have to bright/beg?!


Hi guys :wave:

Just saw on your Facebook you guys still have wrist bands free :stuck_out_tongue: I managed to snag me a Support and an awesome TShirt (that I’ve wore a few times out and about) but I never did get chance at Insomnia 52 to play Monster (Before the Alphas) so I never did snag the wrist band…

Who can I bribe with hugs/photos/actual mailed cookies to get one? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to snag the wristbands too at a later date.

I’m planning to get the pins and a shirt too.




They have stuff like that? Will have to pick up a Medic one once I learn how to aquire one lol


No love for Poland… Ehh :val_2:


Im getting a free Tshirt with preorder


And you will have them. One step at a time, young one…