Wrecked gg trs

just wanted to thank all the creators and designers at Turtle Rock Studios. you have successfully destroyed this game. I played this game at launch and it was a very good game. after several patches you have nerfed monsters to the point where they are irrelevant. monsters used to be very powerful and difficult to defeat. now, they are merely a nuisance for the hunters to deal with. even at level 2 the monster is nothing but a triviality. it was my understanding that even at level 1 the monster was supposed to be a very difficult opponent. however you have decided to abandon this, and you have substituted it for a weak monster and poor game play. you have weakened the monster to the point where it is no longer valid. I now pray that your game fails and nobody plays it. and based on your latest game numbers, you have successfully killed your own game. good job I now anxiously await your game to fade into the ether. f*** off love Zymbo

Stay classy forums.


Zymbo loves you too

We don’t need people like you, here.

@MidnightRoses @niaccurshi @MaddCow can we get it shut down when you have time?


As always, constructive criticism is valuable. This is not. Goodbye.