Wrath still over powered


So is it just me or is the wrath still op. For one he doesn’t take damage from mines or at all when he kidnaps someone and when he does the warp and explode move. So wtf. Plus it seem like they have dumbed down the hunters.


First of all it’s a “she” :smile:
2nd, i would like the decoy damage to be nerfed,
i get rocked with that thing,


In my opinion she’s not really overpowering but her kit makes her anti-fun.


I think the wraith triggering mines with abduct/warp blast but not taking damage issue is being looked into, not sure if it is an in-game bug or the skills are designed to be that way, but probably more info will be given on this in the future.


I have the wraith and I must say it’s quite OP

You can almost never be ambushed or caught untill you reach stage 3
Anytime you see hunters coming you just spawn a decoy and run away and watch them shoot it or waist their dome shield or run the opposite way as you teleport very quickly away from the scene unnoticed and not found out for a good minute or two

The wraith is beast
It’s fast
Quite powerful considering
And is a lot of fun… For the monster that is XD

I feel bad for the hunters
I’ve played 7 rounds today as wraith and didn’t lose once


another thing is when you use a tracking dart and she decoys the decoy takes the dart until it fades away. Then the real one gets decoyed. How does that work?


Also why can monsters do their sneak attack after being spotted?


Refer to This topic


Wraith is to fast and can use the decoy way to often!


Here we go again, wraith is fine as she is… Let’s not make this game nerf R us. She already got nerfed and some people could kill her even before her nerf.

I recommend using abe even better add val for tracking. And also play smarter and expect a decoy.