WRAITH'S passive

Hi regarding new Wraith’s passive, I think it will be quite underpowered against experienced players (because of 2 - 2 team) and quite intersting towards new players, whom tend to search for monster by themselves alone.
But it’s getting kinda “horrorish style” which is nice.

My suggestion would be to change quite a bit Wraith’s passive, it would include more horror elements and would correspond perfectly with wraith’s appearance and game style.

Passive - Total blackout/ impending doom/ darkness inboud (you name it)

***When the monster is caught in the dome, monster passive is activated. Everything (for hunters) goes screen black and visibility is very limited/impaired for hunters if they will not stick together - more than 20 m is total darkness (using flashlights or smth similar would help more). The effect of darkness is partially dispelled, by finding monster or shooting it. Hunters gain Horror stacks - and with maximum (5) stacks they have a horrifying visions of their own death by wraith (devoured, stabbed and etc) It would make gameplay more creepy. The only thing to counter is to constantly damage and not be separated.

For monster screen goes grey, as if it would be using night goggles. It can wait, hide and let the hunters be consumed with horror stacks and then attack. (Horror stack are gained, by wraith speaking horrifying words like : you will die, death is imminent and etc.)

This passive can be turned on with 50 % chance of monster being caught.

What do you guys think about this idea ?


Way too much RNG and visual clutter… Doesn’t really affect gameplay much.


I like it a lot, sadly I can’t compare it to the current state because I’ve been queuing for a lot of time with no luck. I’ve been unable to play for weeks now.

its going to be annoying for when im being a good trapper and finding the monster but my team mates are being dicks and blaming me for dying when i was OBVIOUSLY GOING TO GET THE MONSTER

I think this passive will affect my Kala gameplay. I’m going to need someone to tele with me when hunting. I should have a back up anyway but with pug groups who don’t wear headsets that will always be difficult.

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Sounds to me like it would be annoying to fight against any wraith who used it to mitigate their brains out

While i dont think it fits evolves playstyle though i will say itsa cool idea.

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The passive is kind of scary for kala. Also i don’t care how good the team is, they have to be within 20 yards. Not team i don’t care how good is always within 20 yards. I think you need to play a bit more wraith before you say this skill needs basically a completely rework.

To everyone saying "the passive only hurts noobs"
I see it start constantly in domes with new and good teams just down to dodging and abduct /warp blast.
Plus of they do stick together a well placed wb gives a nice teamwide Slap

This Black out thing would seem nice if it were installed as part of the Deepest Dark Wraith Version.

But for normal PvP? No.

Sounds really cool! But a lot of people don’t like visual effects effecting the gameplay so I don’t think it will happen, an example of this is Slim’s old spore cloud.

People will complain that they’re dying, and it will get nerfed to oblivion.

The horror is real. But you’re the fragile victim if you play the monster (surprise twist).

Yeah, I can see Kala falling for this, and some playstyle derivated from her teleport. But in any case, you can still keep together as a group.

this game is gank simulator for monsters. Specially agaisnts teams that are well coordinated with bullshit heals and shields.

IMO Kala was always a threat to Wraith because of AR and Wraith’s play style. Wraith has low health because it is a glass cannon. The AR eliminates that play style of hit, run, gain armor, repeat.
I haven’t tested the new Wraith yet but when I lay a phantom for an ambush I would rather have it pounce on someone instead of attacking them. It probably wouldn’t last long enough to down someone but it would cause hunters to stop splitting up or back track to save that team mate.

Wraith’s passive has no RNG.

No he means the one the OP stated

Oh, I must have skimmed over the actual suggestion… Whoops.

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I only played a few matches to test the Wraith’s passive. It does make those rare long distance abductions more rewarding if you can pull it off. Perhaps that’s why TRS hasn’t buffed Abduction. Before this patch I felt it could use a bigger hit box or faster speed the farther it travels.