Wraith's passive ability should be something to help her with fighting


I’ve fully accepted that Wraith just be another Goliath with boobs, and don’t really care if at this point if people want to make her stealthy. So with that I really really want to see wraith get a passive ability that will allow her to fight or at least burst effectively.

I’m thinking of a few options to give her, Such as.

  • Option 1: Eye for an eye.
  • giving her the ability to debuff hunters, say if she receives x amounts of damage she gets starts building an aura around her that decreases the hunters health slightly. (You could simply make the damage higher.)
    • Committing to a target will help her but I’m not sure how…
  • Option 2. Thirsty
  • Whenever she gets a strike or does significant health damage, her feeding speed is moderately increased and armor considerably regens faster.
    • I feel like this may help her more fights in between engagements as she won’t need to take too long refeeding to fight. Encouraging her to fight more in between domes as well.
  • Option 3. Huntress
  • When she isolates a hunter from their teammates (say 35 meters from their closest teammate) she gets slightly more damage on her burst abilities like Warp Blast and abduction, as well as sneaking.
    • I’m thinking an ability like this will help her punish hunters for pushing her too hard, or hunters who like to venture off alone or stay too far from their team.
    • It would also encourage her to move her target around, as well as being a nice counter for Hank builds where hunters tend to spread out very far from each other.
  • Option 4. Adrenaline
  • When the dome falls, or she gets a strike. Her movement is slightly increased and traversals regens considerably faster.
    • Making it so that she doesn’t lose that drastic of a health damage whenever she’s outside of fighting.
  • Option 5. Phase
  • When she gets a strike or her rage meter fills up, she has the ability to phase through anything (but the map wall and dome of course) by using warp blast.
    • When an object/wall is too thick for for her to warp through, she simply doesn’t phase through it and she has a prompt like Miley’s web sling when she tries to wall hang on an unclimbable surface.
    • I wanted to add something a little OP in here so I just put this one in for giggles.
  • Option 6. Bodacious
  • The size of her butt is increased by 50%, therefore all damage taken from the back is reduced. :unamused:

These are just mock ups, so don’t take them too seriously if you don’t agree with them or think its the best thing evaar as you’d probably never even read it anyways.

See anything you like?

  • Option 1: Eye for an eye.
  • Option 2. Thirsty
  • Option 3. Huntress
  • Option 4. Adrenaline
  • Option 5. Phase
  • Option 6. Bodacious

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Next one is Miley… Coming Soon


Hp like Goliath(because she brawler now)

ps. add option 7. I don’t like any…




you can just not vote if you don’t like any of them. I only say to vote if you like anything listed.


I like Thirsty and Huntress.


the booty XD