Wraith's online profile


I don’t know if this issue has been brought up yet but Wraith’s profile on the main website is missing information. Her supernova ability just says “Loadout/Ability Description” and doesn’t actually describe it.
http://evolvegame.com/about/monsters/wraith as of the time of this posting.


You mean to say that when you use supernova as Wraith you don’t love how it Loadout/Ability Describes?! People will always find something wrong with that poor Wraith…

I’m sorry, I had to be sarcastic there and I have nothing to add to this thread. I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon though now that you’ve pointed it out.


Lol, I know right?

But yeah, I know in the end it’s nothing too major in grand Evolve scheme, but I thought it best if it was addressed. Thanks @Hydrawolf!


The problem is now fixed! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Requesting lock @Plaff