Wraith's new heavy attack has a few quality of life issues


I can see why the 360 degree angle on Wraiths air heavy has been nerfed, but now that I’ve had some time to get used to it I would say the new animation has some problems - mostly, it doesn’t seem to have as much of a radius as her light attack. So, if I’m turning to hit something (in the worst case scenario, a fiery harpoon) and my heavy happens to recharge, I do this awkward, delayed lunge that doesn’t hit my target and feels pretty floaty. Wraith’s one of the monsters with the least control issues, can we please fiddle with the mechanics of this new heavy a bit so that it doesn’t add frustration?

Please make the wraith viable

Or give her her old heavy back and just adjust the hitboxes to be not so large? The current animation and hitbox of it is veryyyyyy… awkward and unwieldy. which is odd for wraith.

If she had her old heavy but adjusted hitboxes it would work better, I think than the clunky sweep heavy that looks really bad when done in midair.


By the way, I assume she is the only monster that now isn’t affected by the “you’ll hit what you aim” update for melee attacks, right ?..


Wraith suffers from the heavy attack (so slow ) and when you use supernova and you apply heavy attack … it feels like supernova is being wasted or it does less damage because it takes more time to apply the heavy attack rather than the low Sammy attacks

Wraith suffers from harpoons now … And largely affected by stassis and repulser

Wraith because of this has gone from # 2 strongest monster to the second worst monster

Goliath - meteor Goliath are definitely better … Bob is slightly better than wraith


This is something @LordDeath has fixed on our dev builds. It will be in the game in a future update (not in TU08).

Please make the wraith viable
Title Update 9 : Everything we know - Expected Summer 2016

Dude you r awesome … Thank you man for responding to us … it means a lot for us

<3 for TRS developers


Are there any plans on making the heavy attack animation shorter? From what I have timed, it is almost 3 times as long as a light attack but does only 2.5 times the damage, compared to Goliath were it is about 2 times as long and deals 2.5 times damage or Kraken where it is about the same duration.


Yeah this will be improved in a future update. (After TU08)


The fact that all these improvements will be (maybe) in TU09, makes me think that the title update will be a massive rework patch :o


Thank you so much!


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