Wraiths heavy melee pulls me towards it


Every once in awhile I’ll get hit by a wraiths heavy melee and get pulled towards the wraith instead of knocked back like every other monster. I think it’s a bug because it happens infrequently and it tends to happen when I am not directly in front of the Wraith.


I have a theory that the knockback occasionally glitches and registers as getting hit from behind.


Yeah I’ve noticed it happens with rock throw sometimes I’ll be launched at the Goliath but I’m more inclined to blame it on the rock hitting behind me. The wraith just seems like a bug since its the only monster I’ve had a basic attack pull me closer.


Well it’s an uppercut so maybe the attack pushed you upwards then forward.


Nope not upwards just dragged me in closer to her and moved me so I was directly in front.


Seems weird never seen it that I can recall of right now.


there seems to be another bug.

that EVERY melee hit knockbacks on wraith