Wraith's does not accelerate while falling - Intended?


I just discoved that the falling of Wraith is not accelerated like it should be, but is rather a constant speed (9.8 meters per second presumably).

A video can be found here, but I should be testable very easily:

As you will see, Wraith falls about 4 seconds, the Warp Blast should teleport her 36*1.1= 39.6 in the air.
With a normal gravity of 9.8 meters per second^2 it should take roughly 2.85 seconds to fall that far. But in the video it clearly looks like 4 seconds. And indeed it would take 4.041 seconds to fall that far at a constant speed of 9.8 meters per second.

Now dont jump to assumptions, I have only been able to verify this for Wraith, and I am futhermore not sure if this is intended, but if not, all the monster’s falling speed need to be doublechecked. Gravity is measured in Meters/ Second^2 and NOT Meters/ Second.


I don’t think there’s any acceleration for falling. Just the constant speed. Kinda irritated me, as well.


I am sure that Hunters accelerate though. Dont know about other Monsters.


I’m sure there’s no physics involved in the fall. You just get hit by a set speed. Strange and annoying.


They don’t, same speed all the time.


Definetly feels accelarated though as a Hunter. I would need to test it out.


It might be because of first person. Add motion blur to that and you can see how it might feel like acceleration.


No I just checked, the time needed to fall the same distance is definetly lower than 4 seconds. Hunters fall properly, Wraith doesnt.


Both Hunters and Monsters are affected by a maximum falling speed, which is a common practice by videogame developers to prevent failed collision checking causing characters to fall through a platform.

It just so happens to be that in typical gameplay the Monster’s max falling speed is much sooner reached because the Hunters have a jetpack.
I believe the Hunters also have a somewhat faster max falling speed though I’ve no idea why.

This goes for every Monster but Wraith’s max falling speed is obviously a lot slower.


To be fair, due to air resistance there is a maximum falling speed to anything in real life too :slightly_smiling:


Devs have stated that g=10 m/s^2 for monsters. Think about Goliath’s Leap or Gorgon’s Web Sling: are they parabolic or linear?

The reason why Wraith falls like this is because she glides through the air; it says that in the tutorial video.


Which tutorial video are you referring to? I just looked at both Wraith tutorials ingame (they are pretty outdated btw).

I also explicitly remember Macman saying that it was 9.8 meter per second, whether or not that was a typo remains unknown.

Btw, I am only talking about Wraith here, I didnt claim that Gorgon or Goliath fall at a constant speed because I cant provide evidence for that.


I swear it was in the regular character tutorial for Wraith. I remember hearing this somewhere.


Wraith is intended to fall like this. She has a unique float state similar to Kraken’s glide state that allows her to have more control in the air.


Looks like the question has been answered. Wraith was designed to ‘float’ and has a lesser fall speed because of it.