Wraith's design is flawed at best..... a pile of garbage at worst


Hello! First I’d like to thank you for checking this topic out and I hope you will actively engage in the discussion. Secondly, I apologize for the wall of text that is about to nonchalantly hit you in the facial features.

since there’s no real discussion or feedback going on (about five people cared) I changed the title to clickbait. have fun.

Introduction, how the wraith was supposedly designed:

According to the developers: “Wraith is the stealthy assassin. She’s a space alien ninja Monster who warps around the battlefield, ripping into her enemies with her blade-claws. She can hit – then run – before you even see her coming. You don’t want to wade into open combat as Wraith. A good Wraith player darts in-and-out from the shadows, disorienting foes with ability combos, and picking apart the team, separating the Hunters from each other.”

As of now, Wraith does not live up to its intended purpose. Sure, it is possible to apply hit and run tactics more effectively with her, than the other monsters. But there is no benefit to do so. Let me explain; The purpose of hit and run tactics in Evolve is executed by incapacitating one or maximum two hunters, then retreat and leave them with a reduced health pool.

If you do that repeatedly and successfully, when you decide to finally engage, the hunters are severely handicapped from the beginning of the fight. So that’s how Wraith should be, engaging early and repeatedly throughout the game. She should dash in, kill a hunter and dash out before her health is damaged too badly.

How often have you actually seen a wraith do that?
Personally, I’ve experienced it once… and it was freaking awesome! This specific Wraith player ambushed us multiple times at stage one. He attacked, retreated to regain his armor, (which is super fast due to the low armor wraith has anyway), and attacked again.
This Wraith felt so unique and just… right, that I decided right then, that I had to speak my mind about it. The perpetual sense of danger was EXACTLY what I wanted from this game and especially from Wraith.

“Well, everything’s alright then isn’t it?” You might say. Well, not exactly. Because this player, who played Wraith exactly how she should be played, got almost killed. In all honesty, he was probably the easiest Wraith I’ve ever played against.

Most Wraiths employ the common tactic to avoid any contact with the hunters until they’re at least stage 2 and a lot of players even go further and will only engage at 3. They do that, because it’s safer and more successful than playing wraith the “right” way. Once a wraith is stage two, it’s strong enough to take the four hunters on its own, even though it shouldn’t. Her high mobility, damage, and confusion she spreads allow her to single out targets, or rapidly switch between them if there’s too hard a nut to crack.

I know I only talk from personal experience, and that the metagame isn’t nearly figured out. None the less, I feel like the developers really meant for wraith to be this unique hit and run assassin, which shouldn’t engage in full on fights… and yet she can and is even more effective at it than playing the sneaky hit and run assassin… I always wondered, why this sneaky assassin has so many and such strong aoe abilities.

Now to the juice of the topic. I am extremely invested in this game for some reason… I WANT this game to be everything it can be. Therefore I’ll try to come up with solutions to make the Wraith the ultimate Assassin, as she was designed to be.

General changes and the ideas behind:

To make it possible for Wraith to excel even in the early game, some power shifts are needed. Wraith needs to be strong enough, to engage the hunters with only three of her abilities, while something needs to happen to actually encourage her to engage at low levels instead of just leveling up.

In my view, Wraith should never be able to fight four full-health-hunters in an open field, even at stage three, this should be an unwise decision.

To make this work, shift some of the power to the first point in each ability, the basic damage and range, so to speak. Simultaneously the abilities will gain less power with each additional point gained. (Surmounting to about the same power level at three, as it is now, with maybe a little less aoe, but more utility) This effectively shifts power to early stages of the game, encouraging repeated encounters with the hunters.

Armor and Health
Fine as they are

Abduction needs more range at level one. As of now, you can only grab a target, that’s about two jetpack-boosts away. Also, a prepared hunter will just jump right back to his teammates with some boosts, while you are left standing. I’ve seen it mostly used as a midfight disturbance, that throws hunters out of their flow, instead of grabbing one hunter and munching him, while the others try to catch up.

I love supernova, it’s a fun ability with combo-potential (decoy) and awesome effects. My grudge with it is as follows:

  • The dome it creates is supposed to limit its range but as Wraith I’ve never
    actually had to leave the dome very prematurely, even when pursuing my target.

  • It deals very high damage over time, in a relatively big aoe.

  • The intended counterplay to this mechanic does not work because of
    wraiths other abilities.

What you should do, when you’re attacked by supernova is to jetpack boost out of it, if you’re lucky enough and the area is really open, then you manage to get out and have just sealed your doom, because incoming is a warpblast/decoy/dash to your face.

I know, there’s a lot more to it, than I make it seem. None the less, I would suggest lowering the width of the dome, but giving it a slowing field effect. With these changes, Supernova does not only make more sense thematically but also has it’s special use. Now you would effectively exhaust a players jetpack, then dash and supernova for the quick kill.

Not a whole lot to discuss here, I’m mainly fine with it. The counterplay here as well is to not stick together and keep your distance, which should work fine.

So what’s this all in numbers?

Trying to quantify these theoretical thoughts is almost fruitless, since I have no way of actually testing them. And that’s where the definitive numbers would come from. I will try either way to give an approximate idea.

shift 30% of the abilities gained powers from leveling up to the base level

lower range gain or alternatively keep range at stage 1 and increase slow by percentage.
approximately 20% lower range. field slows players by ~30%

Range at lvl 1 increased by 50% and damage decreased, range gained by leveling up decreased but damage increased.

Closing statement

Please remember, that I don’t consider myself an authority in these issues, neither do I think of myself as being the one who solely figured out that there is something wrong and we have to change anything. I am simply expressing my experience with Wraith and even if you think my suggestions are pure, unrefined bullshit, my statements at the beginning still describe my experience with the wraith as of now.

I want this game to be awesome and I want each Monster to feel as unique and special as the developers intended them to be.

That’s why there are forums, for people to express their opinions and have civil discussions. hopefully.

So what are your thoughts? Are you fine with the current Wraith? should it even be pushed that hard to come to the developers description of the Wraith? Wraith might as well be perfect as she is, but personally, I expected something different.

I think the Devs REALLY need to see this idea for the Wraith
Monster's lack of incentive to engage before stage 3

theres another way to play her ?
that literally describes my playstyle lol

warp blast 2good.


I think she was extremely overpowered in the beta to the point where in several matches, people begged other not to play her. I’ve only ever defeated her once because she can pop a decoy and teleport around the dome or even across a large section of the map.


I really hope a someone from trs makes the effort and reads this… 2hrs of my life to try and give meaningful feedback >.<


to me its just decoy thats OP about the wraith its easier to just spam decoy to damage the hunters than attack yourself
which leads to a wraith always on the run and hunters shooting decoys even if they know its a decoy the damage it can do means either way they have to waste time killing it

just make the decoy do no damage but still knock them around (maybe even slow them) it will still fool some hunters as they don’t check their health bar while being attacked by a monster

but unless a wraith wants to go up against a fully healed up team at the end it has to do some sneak attacks stage 2


She’s tough to capture for sure, and also tough to keep track of and damage even when captured. Some tweaks I think are already being worked out to balance this out a bit. I think at final release she will be as well balanced as the other two – my biggest concern is the difficulty of doming her given the double warp + warpblast escape move.

But I do think that concern is in a way addressed, as are most of OP’s concerns, by the fact that a Wraith really will struggle in a stage 3 fight against 4 full health Hunters. I think OP’s suggestions for tweaks (in particular having the base #'s of abilities higher and the # changes of ranking up an ability less significant) is a solid idea, but perhaps not 100% necessary. I think just slightly reducing overall damage for certain abilities (decoy and supernova) across the board will get us there, again because I think already a Lvl 3 Wraith going in on 4 un-striked hunters is at a disadvantage compared to the other 2 monsters.

This opinion comes from personal experience in a game where, while we were on or near the Wraith’s tail the entire time, we never engaged it once before it was able to get to stage 3. And it ended up screwing itself over by doing that – since it was fleeing so much and never fighting, the timer was working against it and it had only a minute or so left by the time it came to our waiting defenses at the power relay. And, even at full health and full armor, it could not sustain itself for long enough to survive the fight. What I learned from that game is that, esp since it can fill up its armor so quickly, what a Wraith needs to do is get some strikes in before level 3 and before it starts running out of time.

A one-battle round being a losing battle for Wraith will only become more true as hunters get more used to fighting Wraith by (1) recognizing decoys and avoiding damage from them, and (2) avoiding damage from the supernova by saving jetpack to boost out of the area dome, while also inflicting damage when a Wraith does supernova (but not if it’s the decoy).

As it becomes more clear (as I truly believe it will) that Wraith needs to get those strikes at Stage 2, maybe even Stage 1, I think that will also lead to more cases of Wraith being domed… a trapper that’s prepared for the incoming hit and run can pull the trigger on the dome as the hit arrives but before the run occurs. My 2 cents anyway.


One point of clarification - the decoy doesn’t take damage. It dissipates solely based on time or the real Wraith attacking or performing another ability while cloaked (and apparently, one of the tweaks post-Beta according to @Macman is that a normal warp will also uncloak and dissipate the decoy).

So the best thing to do with a decoy is (1) let your teammates know it’s a decoy (after shooting it once you should know based on the tell-tale flashing); (2) if you’re an offensive class, stay clear of the decoy but otherwise ignore it, whilst spraying bullets around to try to reveal the real one and generally keeping an eye out for where it might appear; (3) if you’re a defensive class, continue to protect your teammates from the decoy’s damage.

I do think decoy does too much damage, resulting in Wraith players being disincentivized to try to do damage on their own. But I don’t agree with removing its ability to do damage altogether. That would result in decoy being used solely defensively, which I already think is the thing that makes it somewhat frustrating. It should be as much an offensive as a defensive tool, I just think it should do less damage than the real one.


its assuming to see the complete opposite approach to fix decoy since it being both offensive and evasive power at the same time is too powerful it should only be 1

I just think as a pure evasive power it can cause wraith players to be a lot more assassin hit and run as any damage it can do will always put itself at risk with decoy as a very easy get away if used right

with it being an offensive power it leaves it open to abuse of just spamming it as much as possible while the real 1 hides essentially giving it an almost unlimited health bar

personally I like the idea of a high risk - high reward wraith
even with no damage it can be used offensively such as knocking hunters off cliffs or placing it next to a predator for it to knock a hunter into its jaws then you abduct another hunter away and things really dont look good for hunters


Decoy’s damage is fine, it is already so easy to avoid it that it is practically a joke. The spammable invisible while warping is the thing that made it a little strong and that has been addressed already by TRS for release.


I think Wraith is fine now, given that TRS will be applying patches day one.

I look forward to all the badass Wraiths that can scare my team and i without spamming Decoy and Supernova.


I really hope so. But I still think it would be worth it to shift some power into the early stages to encourage a faster gameplay with multiple engagements… oh well, we will see how the gameplay develops after a few weeks.


Better monsters often engage at lower levels. I rarely had to go pass stage 2 to win.


why did I even bother, well guess who’s not getting any more feedback xD


I only beat wraith once
out of 5 games
with the same player
It was a 1v1 between a low health wraith and a markov
she pounced me right on top of a minefield
Shes warpblasting in monster heaven now


Who’d have thought it, even after the highly appraised day1 patch for wraith, the same problems I mentioned still apply… hunting wraith is not fun, it’'s tedious. Her mobility allows her to escape a coming dome even when she’s right at the center when it’s popped.

when she’s eventually domed, she has ABSOLUTELY no problem in evading engagements and the whole fight becomes a shitty game of cat and mouse, where you constantly try to flush her out of another hiding place only for her to go WHOOPWHOOPWHOOP and she’s in another cranny of the dome.

And no, harpoons don’t work. one slash and she’s free to whoopwhoop away. Fix your damn game TRS…


Griffin does miracles on Wraith along with Hyde and Cabot from several games I played today infact. Hyde never has to reload his thrower and Cabot just amps that shit up to ludicrous numbers. Two or three seconds of amped Thrower damage removes all of Wraiths armor and a bar of health. Give it a few more where she cant escape Griffins Harpoon and badaboom a dead wraith.

The only fucking downside is catching the damn thing initially though…


If I domed + immediately harpooned a wraith there was not a single one that got out in time and it makes sense. The first thing you do is searching an escape trajectory, aim, and go. If you are suddenly stopped it takes too much time to unleash, and warp away.


3 seconds of flamethrower + damage amp does not come anywhere close to killing off all of her armor.


Majority of her moves end up breaking the harpoon. Good luck holding it for more than a second while she’s using supernova


What if the “energy” from the decoy returned to the Wraith when it expires. This way the hunters would at least know which direction they Wraith went - after a short delay.