Wraith's Decoy


First of all, I just have to say, the wraith is super cool and is my favorite monster until Behemoth is released. The concept is great, abilities are awesome, and of course(an the same goes with the other monsters) it is super fun to play as it, but it still need some more tweaking.
I know you guys have already nerfed it, and im glad you did, but to really make it fair, its going to need more adjustments.
WARP: Its what it is, a way to get away. Annoying for hunters but necessary.
SUPERNOVA: Great job nerfing it. In the beta, supernova was god-tier, but now its fine where it is.
ABDUCTION- Fine how it is, but sometimes the wraith can grab through walls and floor.
WARP BLAST- Totally fine
DECOY- This is where the problem lies. All you have to do is play without daisy and its over, and even then. It is the most annoying thing about this game, besides the wildlife. The wraith deals heavy damage at stage three, and once the medic is dead, its over, and Abduction makes that easier. So the solution, STOP HIM EARLY. But you can’t. One: he is a speed demon, 3 warps and a warp blast(or a well timed abduction) saves you from the dome if it was put on top of you. BUT EVEN IF YOU GET HIM. Decoy, decoy, armor, decoy, armor, decoy, decoy, abduct the trapper and down him, decoy.So then he gets away and all is good for the monster. The only way to stop he is to be on his tail the whole game and shoot at him when he eats.
So… how do you fix it.

  1. Decoy doesn’t make you go invis but happens faster
  2. decoy doesn’t attack
  3. decoy moves in one single direction(think halo reaches decoy) but maybe leaves tracks or recharges quicker.
  4. When the decoy is tagged, so is the actual.
    There is a lot of other ways to fix it too, those are just the ones I thought of.
    Thanks for reading and I hope you consider what I’ve said.

Looking Back at My Old Posts

This is the worst “balancing” I’ve ever seen. You wanna make his decoy useless. If you were fighting a monster like this irl. You would be dead.

Btw, get a flamethrower.


I personally think the decoy should lose the ability to do damage but still be able to provide knock back. That really should be the point of a hologram (to deceive) it shouldn’t be an offensive weapon but it completely contradicts the name. Generally now I am forced to take the decoy to my face just because I know that the Wraith is slumped behind it but still it takes over a quarter of your HP away and it is a hologram! I actually think it is more powerful that a standard Wraith swipe, which is insane.

Just take away its damage output, or make it incredibly minor.


I agree that the wraith’s decoy is unbalanced, but the suggestions offered would make it almost useless. I think the problem lies in the fact that the hunters have very limited answers for the ability. I prefer the trapper role, and I have had some luck with Griffon’s harpoon. I would be happy if Cabot’s tag didn’t disappear while decoyed.


I noticed today that Wraith doesn’t take damage from weapons while the decoy is deployed. When he is invisible. Tried it twice today with flamer and it hits him, it burns him, it makes him phase in and out of invisibility. But there is no damage done to him.

Was wrong about no damage being done to him.


I don’t think that the OP was suggesting every one of his items should be implemented, but rather that it was a list of separate possible fixes.


Decoy is fairly easy to “counter”. Watch for the animation and then shoot the actual Wraith so she appears and you can track her quite easily doing that.
It makes decoy not as effective unless the Wraith uses it when she’s out of line of sight.
She might as well not even be in stealth if she decoys right in front of you, I can’t tell you how much free damage I’ve gotten doing that


This is the biggest lie in evolve that I have ever heard… Use a flamethrower. It counters her. If you see a wraith coming right for you. How about a disengage. You people fail to realize that this is a huge monster that is meant to murder you. Especially if you mess up. This entire post just sounds like people who are ignorant as to how to beat the wraith and want it nerfed so they can play a bit more casually. PLEASE educate yourselves before trying to give input on something you know nothing about :…