Wraith's decoy VS fire


I’ve heard from at least one of the streams that the decoy will temporarily disable the tracking effects of Abe’s darts, Val’s tranqs, and Cabot’s dust, but I’m curious how bing on fire will effect her invis? Since Goliath’s flame breath lets a monster counter the support’s cloak, will Hyde and Caria be able to set Wraith ablaze and reveal her slightly? I think it’s fair since hunter cloak only slightly protects from smell because footprints and jetpack use is visable, but Wraith is a bigger target. Anyone (dev or otherwise) able to clear this up?


It has changed so many times that I don’t remember exactly what happens right now. You USED to catch on fire even while invisible, but that might have changed. @MrStrategio should be able to test and tell us. :wink:


Abe’s darts still work when I was watching the latest stream.


I would be happy to help do some testing, you know before Beta lol


Ditto, anything to help. :wink:


The darts do “work” but they are temporarily deactivated during the cloaking time, once her invis wears off the dart’s tracking kicks back in.
-also id like to jump in on the bandwagon asking to help play test this for ya’ll : P


I remember seeing Wraith use the decoy and the decoy didn’t have it over its head. It was back where the monster was retreating.


If you watch the interactive trailer, the dart appears above the head of the decoy when Abe was chasing with the dome in his hand. Not sure if this is how it still is though


Yeah I remember in the TRS stream a few weeks back they confirmed that a cloaked Wraith loses/transfers the effects on her to the decoy, otherwise it would just hard counter her invisibility.


They switch to the decoy until it fades, so a good way to get negate any shorter debuffs, longer debuffs will return to you I believe, least that’s how it was last stream I watched


I guess I saw it wrong, will just have to rewatch it.


Any damage that Wraith takes while invisible from a decoy will cause her to reappear, but only for a brief moment. If she’s put on fire, which is damage over time(dot), she will blink in and out of visibility for the duration of the fire, which is 6 seconds. So fire or any dot is a good counter. The hardest part I think less experienced players have, is keeping track of a moving wraith blinking in and out of existence.


Ah that is really interesting, thanks for the response.


So fire and toxic grenades will be good against the Wraith. Good news for fans of Hyde. Are there any other forms of dot that I am forgetting? @MaddCow


Will Cabot’s damage amp lock onto an invisible Wraith? What about Markov’s lightning gun


Those are the only two forms of Dot damage outside of perks. The Toxic Hounds elite perk causes weapons to have a poison effect on them.


Knew I was missing something thank you good sir.


I think that in the last big live stream Markov’s lightning gun didn’t lock on to an invisible Wraith. Not sure about it though, but I do think it targets the decoy instead.


If that’s true, then that is a disadvantage that Markov has to counter his advantage with mines


Lock on weapons will not target an invisible wraith, just the decoy. However, there is a slight delay before a lock is lost, so while Markov is firing and decoy comes out, it will be very apparent it’s bounce to the decoy before it switches over to targeting the decoy entirely. In that time, if you realize it’s a decoy, you should not waste any more ammo on it, just avoid it, maybe use trapper CC on it to keep it off team members, but the goal should be to find the real McCoy.
Markov can switch off to his assault rifle and fire at the location he things Wraith is at and look for her to pop into visibility.